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Unified DARPAN App Questions Answers (MCQs) | Unified Android DARPAN App Dakshta Training Question Answers

Unified DARPAN App Training MCQ, Quiz Questions and Answers on Unified DARPAN App Training Final Exam(Test) in PDF. 50 Important Mcq on Unified DARPAN App Dak Karmayogi Training with answers pdf. Latest (New) Updated Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Mission Karmayogi Unified Darpan Android App Training Cource. Onliners on Unified DARPAN Android Application Dakshta, Prarambh Training Course. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Test. Best Questions on Postal Circulars. Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

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Q1. User can get duplicate receipt for last________ transactions in Unified DARPAN App
Q2. Using mini statement user can get maximum number of__________ recent transactions
Q3. After generating one quote if BPM wants to get another quote he has to click on this option
Get Quote
Q4. Accounts of following schemes can be opened using CBS App
Q5. Using mini statement BPM can get the details of following schemes
SB, RD and SSA
Q6. Cash Transactions perfromed in CBS App will have the transaction ID prefixed with
Q7. BPM will receive bag received from Account Office Using this Module
Delivery Module
Q8. Using this option user can show multiple articles as delivered in single stretch
Bulk Delivery
Q9. If any transaction is pending BPM can update same on next day Whether it is correct?
No, Day end is not possible if any transaction is in pending status
Q10. Option Used in BO to request special cash from Account Office
Cash Request
Q11. Fee Applicable to give printout of New Proposal Quote to customer
No Fee
Q12. Using this option BPM will come to know whether loan indexed is approved in PLI CPC or not
Status Report
Q13. BPM will show the payment of high widthdrawal after approval from AD using this option under High Value Withdrawal tab
Q14.We can check present cash balance of BO using this option
Q15. Using this option BPM will get the details of any PLI RPLI Policy
Policy Search
Q16. Using this Option BPM will incorporate total figures of IPPB Transactions in Unified DARPAN APP
BODA Reports
Q17. At the time of initial Premium Collection BPM has to enter this as reference
Quote Number
Q18. Scanning of Article numberbercode is mandatory to book a article
No, User can enter Article number manually
Q19. Before day end BPM has to confirm his cash balance using this report
Cash/Card Report
Q20. New Darpan Unified application is working on this platform
Q21. If less cash received in bag then cash noted in BO Slip What is the action to be perform by BPM
BPM has to enter actual cash received.
Q22. Option available to transmit bag data to CSI Server after closing
Bag Despatch
Q23. Option available to identify the depositor at the time of withdrawal through Adhaar Biometric if Signature not matching
Q24. BPM has to take print out of this report to get total number of Service indexing did in that BO in a Day
Daily Indexing Report
Q25. Unique reference number generated at the time of Account Opening will have this prefix
Q26. Using this option user can reprint BODA of Previous Dates
BODA Reports
Q27. Using this option BPM will issue the receipt for New proposals
Proposal indexing
Q28. Option Available to cancel Wrongly Booked Biller Transactions
Q29. If Withdrawal amount is greater then 20000 BPM has to request widhdrawal to AO using this option
High value widthdrawal
Q30. For doing PLI RPL Transactions user detalls should be mapped In this portal
Utility portal
Q31. Option used to show the Stamp Sale in Branch Post Office
Product sale
Q32. Report of transactions performed through IPPB QR code available in this report
BODA Report
Q33. BPM Will get quote for new Proposal using this option
New Business indexing
Q34. Using Cash Widthdrawal option BPM can give Withdrawal from following schemes
SB only
Q35. In Adhaar OTP Login option OTP will receive in this mobile
Adhaar Linked Mobile Number of BPM
Q36. Previous days deposit articles to be invoice in Delivery module using this option
Buik Delivery
Q37. How many times BPM can print duplicate receipts
Any number of time on same day
Q38. Option used to book International Articles in Booking aрр
International Articles Booking
Q39. At the time of showing delivery of articles device capturing the location
Q40. BPM can request high value withdrawal using this option under High Value Widthdrawal tab
New Request
Q41. Once Premium Collected Wrongly what is the action to be perform by BPM to correct it
BPM has to report to AO. Then through DO request should be send to Nodal CPC identified by circle
Q42. This is mandatory to index service index
Policy Number
Q43. Whether we can take printout of detailed transaction report in Darpan
Q44. Using New Account Enquiry BPM will get the status of account with reference to
RICT Unique reference number only
Q45. Senders Mobile Number is mandatory to Book Speed Post In Darpan App
Q46. Once one Quote is Generated if BPM wants to generate another quote he has to click on this option
Q47. If any article found short at the time of beg opening System will throw one message. Then BPM has to click on this tab to show short receipt
Q48. BPM can receive bag by scanning all articles if bag data not received virtually
Q49. BPM has to scan these articles at the time of bag close
Booked articles, returned Articles and Redirected Articles
Q50. BPM Will accept Cash Deposit for following schemes using this option

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