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DOP DARPAN Portal Master Data Updation SOP | Unified DARPAN App Portal User Management Activity Procedure

Master Data Updation in DARPAN Portal as part of Unified DARPAN Android App Pre and Post Rollout in Branch Post Offices (BOs) SOP/Procedure:

Download DOP (India Post) DARPAN Portal Master Data Updation SOP in PDF

Two Stages of Data Updation in New DARPAN Portal

Phase I : Data updation prior to Roll Out  (DARPAN Pre Rollout) 

BO establishment details such as Min/Max Cash Balance, BPM/Substitute details such as Aadhaar Number and linked Mobile number.

Phase II : Data updation on T-1 day of Roll Out (DARPAN User Management)

BO opening balance and  IPPB Mobile number. 

E-Payment Biller Data:
Divisions to supply the information pertaining to ePayment Biller data of Branch Post Offices. To update this information, one more page will be provided in the User Management Portal

Postal Division to update the Master Data using the DARPAN Portal URL:

Credentials : No change , same User ID and Password which is being used for RICT DARPAN Portal :  

Menu Available in DARPAN Portal are:

BO Onboarding

BPM Management

Substitute Management

PLI GDS Mapping


Change Password & Logout

BO Onboarding -> Confirm BO Establishment Details -->Enter BO Balance --->Edit BO Balance.

Updation of Establishment Details
1. Division to login to the DARPAN Portal.
2. Select “BO Onboarding”.
3. Confirm the correctness of Min/Max cash balance and Mail Schedule.
4. In case of any corrections, same to be updated. 

Updation of Opening Balance
Divisions to upload the cash balances of the BOs in the User Management Portal on T-1 by selecting “Enter BO Balances” under BO Onboarding option.

Note: The Opening balance of BOs will be extracted from CSI and validated with the data provided by the Division.

Data Mismatch
In case of discrepancies between the CSI Data and manual data, a pop up message will display as “CSI cash balance is not tallied with entered cash balance. Do you want to proceed with rollout”. 

If Division decides to roll out with discrepancies, a provision will be made for exception permission to proceed for roll out. 

CEPT will communicate the information of BO`s Rolled Out with discrepancies to the concerned circles for further necessary action.

BPM/Substitute Management in New Unified DARPAN Portal:

BPM Onboarding -> New BPM Registration --> View and Edit BPM Details ---> BPM Activation/Deactivation.

Substitute Management in New Unified DARPAN Portal:

Substitute Onboarding-> New Substitute Registration --> View & Edit Substitute Details ---> Substitute Activation/Deactivation.

PLI GDS Mapping in DARPAN Portal:

Select Account Office - Select Branch Post Office - McCamish office Code - GDS Employee ID etc needs to be filled.

Reports available in New Unified DARPAN Portal are:

Aadhar Updated/Linked

BPM Details Updated

BPM Status

Cash Balance Tallied with CSI

Inventory Tallied with CSI

Inventory- Udated

Opening Balance - Updated

PLI GDS User Mapped

Rollout - agreed

Rollout - Completed.

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