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Supply of Photocopies of Evaluated Answer Sheets of LDCE AAO Exam 2022 and submission of representation thereof

Subject: -Supply of Photocopies of Evaluated Answer Sheets of AAO LDCE 2022 and submission of representation thereof-reg.

Download LDCE AAO Exam 2022 Supply of Photocopies of Evaluated Answer Sheets in PDF

No. 301(60)/2023/PACE/LDCE 2022/B/ 7241 to 7352 . Government of India, Ministry of Communications Department of Posts, PA Wing, 4th Floor, Dak Bhawan Sansad Marg, New Delhi. 110001 Dated: 04.07.2023  OFFICE MEMORANDUM

In accordance with OM No. 301/08/2022/PACE/3305 to 3407 dated 16.12.2022, the candidates who appeared in AAO LDCE 2022 and wish to obtain photocopies of their own evaluated answer sheets for the aforementioned exam were required to deposit a fee of Rs. 50/- per paper at any Post Office and submit the original payment receipt along with a self-attested copy of their official ID proof to this office.

2. All the applications received so far have been processed by this office and photocopies of the evaluated answer sheets related to AAO LDCE 2022 as requested by the applicants have been dispatched to the addresses mentioned therein.

3. Furthermore, this office is in receipt of representations raising various grievances regarding evaluation of answer sheets. In this regard, the competent authority has decided to set a time limit for the receipt of such representations from the candidates as 17.07.2023 and any such representations received after this cutoff date will not be considered under any circumstances.

This has been issued with the approval of the competent authority.

(Joseph K Mathew) Director (PA-Admin)

Copy for information to,

1. Sr.PPS to Member (F), DCC.

2. Sr.PPS to CGCA, New Delhi.

3. Sr.PPS to Advisor (Finance).

4. All Pr.CsCA, DoT, DG(NICF), Director(RAKNPA), all CPMsG.

5. All Sr.DDGs/DDGs DoP HQ and DoT HQ.

6. All CsCA/GMs(F) PAOs.

7. Director (SEA), DoT HQ.

8. All DsA(P), DoP.

9. Jt. CGCA, O/0 CGCA, New Delhi: with a request to publish the OM in the website of CGCA.

10. GM, CEPT Mysurwwith a request to publish the OM on the Indiapost website.

11. Spare/Guard File.

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