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Rollout of DARPAN app in Branch Offices (BOs) under IT 2.0: GDS Union Writes to MOC for Better Infrastructure to BOs

Subject: Deployment of RICT Device and Roll-out of Unified Android DARPAN app in Branch Offices under IT 2.0

GDS Union Writes to MOC for Better Infrastructure to BOs i/c/w DARPAN Android App Rollout in PDF

ALL INDIA GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS UNION (AIGDSU) Central Head Quarters, Padam nagar, Delhi-110007 President: POH. Jaiswal, General Secretary: SS Mahadevaiah MNo.GDS/CHQ/ 1/20/2023 Date: 27.07.2023

On behalf of GDS, our union is writing ta invite your esteemed attention to Letter No. F No. 13-01/2023-RB regarding the deployment of the Rural Information and Communication Technology (RICT) Device and the roll-out af the DARPAN app In Branch Offices (BOs) under the IT Maodarnisation 2.0 project.

Recently, the Bhopal IT Project All India Workshop was conducted, and it was decided to roll out RICT Devices under IT Modernisation 2.0 through India Post Payments Bank (IPPB), with existing RICT devices being replaced. The department has circulated the following key points:

1. Tablets, keyboards, and mobile biometric scanners shall be provided by IPPB from its own funds. IPPB will ensure Integrated support maintenance/replacemeant of the devices until the currency af IT 2:0.

2. all BOs shall be provided with tablets. In the case of single-handead BOS, the tablet will be used by the Branch Postmaster (BPM) for delivery/doarstep and banking work. In the case of double or more handed BOs, the BPM will carry out BO transactions on the tablet, and the Assistant Branch Postmaster (ABPM), entrusted with the job of delivery doorstep and banking work, will be provided with a mobile,

3. IPPB will provide SIM/Rural connectivity to BOs bundled as part of the RICT device, without any cost to the Department of Posts. old IT 1.0 and the RICT device will be phased out by 30th September 2023. Starting from 1st October 2023, IT 2.0 will be implemented in 1,30,000 BOs.

More than 1,30,000 BOs are functioning in the country including the unbanked villages and Left Wing Extremism areas. We have recently learned that the tender for the procurement of 1,30,000 tablets for BOs has not been called for yet and only for mobiles the tender was finalised. Considering the immense number of tablets required, it is challenging to ensure their timely distribution within the span of just two months. We are of the faith that in the rural postal system, must have improved infrastructure, including computers, laptops, and broadband networks, and is essential to meet the changing needs of society this will also help in providing better services to the masses,

Therefore, we kindly request the Hon'ble Minister and your esteemed office to intervene and take suitable steps to expedite the distribution of tablets/laptops/mobiles before the commencement of IT Modernisation 2.0 Project on 1st October 2023,

We believe that with your indulgence and support, the successful implementation of IT Modernisation 2.0 will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the rural postal system, bringing about positive transformations in the lives of the people we serve,

Thank you for your attention to this matter. With sincerest regards, Yours faithfully, S.S.MAHADEVAIAH General Secretary Tele-Fax: 23697701

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