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Postmaster/Sub Postmaster work (Job) in Post Office

Postmaster/Sub Postmaster in Post Office MUST DO below mentioned works daily.

1. eMO Printing

2. Delivery through 'PMA'

3. D + 0 delivery

4. Letter Boxes - ' Nanyatha App

5. McCamish - day end collection report

6. VP/COD - BOs

7. BO Balance's

8. Login - RICT Device

9. BODA Report

10. Adhar Synchronize

11. CPR Portal

12. IPPB Cash Verification Report

13. ESS POrtal-Leave Apply

14. Pendency in PLI/RPLI

15. SBCO Objection

16. Opening of Maximum Accounts

17. Financle-'Day End'

18. ePost Printing

19. Check eMail

20. Office Cleanliness

21. BO Slip Generation

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