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Postal Unions Letter to Postal Directorate on Various Postal Operations & Employees Issues

On 19.07.2023 a meeting was held at Directorate under their chairmanship of Member P about merger of PA CO/RO and SA with PA PO. From FNPO Sivaji Vasireddy SG FNPO, NK Tyagi GS NUR3, Sunetra Sarang All India President NUPAO, Amruta GS NUPAO were attended and opposed the proposal keeping in view of seniority, dislocation of work etc issues. 

On 20.7.23 SG FNPO, GS NUR3 and GS PPWA met Hon'ble Secretary Posts, Hon'ble DG Posts, DDG P, DDG Mails, Director SPN, ADG GDS, ADG SR &Legal and discussed about various issues and submitted following letters too. 

1. GDSGIS subscription going to raise from 50 to 500 and insurance will be 50000 to 5,00,000 going to raise from the willing GDS and Gazette notification will be issued by the end of this month. 

2. GDS seniority weitagage 12, 24, 36 issue which rejected by internal finance is now recommended and file gone to Finance Ministry for approval.

3. Insurence coverage for GDS under Ayushman Bharat (5lakhs) is under pipeline and  implementation expecting soon. 

4. Traing allowance for GDS should be drawn onpar with Department officials who are undergoing for soft skills training at Circle HQRs.

5.Casheless treatment facility should be extended to Mangalagiri AIIMS .. CGHS coverage should be given for all willing officials irrespective of distance

6. Allotment of sufficient funds under PO OE, Medical, TE, etc

7. Clarification should be given to exercise option to switching over into 7th cpc for officials who got promotion between 1.1.16 to 12.12.2018

8. MMU is good mechanism but it's taking much time for Postmasters. Difficulty should be rectified.

9. Clarification about constitution of RJCM in circles and holding of periodical meeting and Departmental council meeting as per schedule. 

10. PLI/RPLi incentive should given sir sales force even after retirement/death

11. i-dak kharmayogi training should be imparted at WCTC level instead circle HQRs.

12. SSC 2021 division allocation process started

13. SSC 2022 Circle option portal will start by next Monday.

14. IP Exam results process is going on and can be published shortly. 

15. CPMG AP and CPMG HP are going to be promoted as Members from 1.8.23

16. CPMG promotion file is under pipeline and orders will issued within two months. 

17. Ludhiana RMS JCA agitation stopped with positive result on directions from Directorate

18. ICH Guntakal issue will be solved soon.

19. Kanpur RmS and MMS Kolkata issues raised and response is positive.

20. PA Assistance to IP should be withdrawn or otherwise permanent establishment should be created. 

21. AAO 2022 exam results review file is under process

22. Gratuity for GDS should be given as per Gratuity Act i.e 16.5 months salary or at least 5laks as per recommendations of Sri Kamalesh Chandra committee

23. MTS, Postmen and Mail Guard revised Recruitment rules will be published before the end of this month (Minister sign pending)

24. Compassionate appointment files directorate cleared about UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka and AP issue is going on. All circle cases will be settled soon because online CRC process is going to be started. 

25. Rule 38 vacancy position worngly noting by the circles and Directorate is going to regularise such cases.

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