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GDS Online Engagement Schedule-II (July) 2023 Notification will be on 03rd August 2023- preparatory activities and time schedule

Sub: Revised GDS Online Engagement (Recruitment) Schedule-II (July) 2023 - preparatory activities and time schedule

Download Revised GDS Online Engagement (Recruitment) Schedule-II (July) 2023 Notification - preparatory activities and timeline schedule in PDF

No.17-67/2023-GDS Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (GDS Section) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001 Dated: 20.07.2023

This is in continuation of this office letter of even. no dated 23.06.2023 & 13.07.2023 whereby the guidelines to carry out preparatory exercise in connection with GDS Online engagement process, Schedule-II (July), 2023 were circulated.

2. Due to some technical reasons, Portal could not be made available for data entry by CEPT w.e.f. 17.07.2023 and therefore, the GDS Online Engagement (Recruitment) July Schedule II 2023 time schedule is being revised as under:




Time Schedule



Data entry and freezing of the vacancies by the Divisions

24.07.2023 to 28.07.2023


Rechecking data entry





Approval by Circles after freezing the data entry by Divisions


 31.07.2023 to 01.08.2023



Issue of GDS Online Recruitment (Engagement) Schedule II July 2023 online notification by Divisions on




 3. As informed by the CEPT, the portal will also poupulate the vacancy data arising due to the following reasons:

a. vacancies due to non turning up and rejected candidates with verifying authority upto List-5 of Schedule I'

b. vacancies due to rejection by engaging authority upto 24.07.2023 of Schedule I

c. all notified vacancies in Rule 3 Transfer Cycle, June, 2023 whether relieving status updated or otherwise

d. Circles will have to update the status in all the cases.

4. As the Rule 3 Transfer of the GDS in the June, 2023 Cycle as approved online on 27.06.2023, the vacancies arising due to transfers in this cycle would be deemed to have fallen between the period 01.01.2023 to 30.06.2023, therefore, the same is to be taken into consideration for calculating the vacancies irrespective of the date of reliving of GDS in the month of July, 2023.

5. A certificate duly signed by DPS (HQ) for completion of above preparatory works alongwith total Division wise vacancies to be notified would need to be uploaded in the Portal for generation of final notification and furnished to this office by 1st August,2023.

Yours faithfully, (Ravi Pahwa) Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC) Copy to: GM, CEPT, Bengaluru - for information and necessary action.

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