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On boarding of all employees including GDS of DoP on IGOT Karmayogi Portal

This is regarding on-boarding of all employees including GDS of DoP on 'IGOT Karmayogi Portal', as you are aware that iGOT Karmayogi Portal is an online learning platform developed by DoPT as an integral part of the Digital India stack for capacity building of all government employees. India Post has also developed an e- learning portal for enhancing the competence of about 4.5 lakh Gramin Dak Sevaks & Departmental employees, christened as 'Dak Karmayogi' and launched by Hon'ble MoC and MoSC on 28th June, 2022.

2. While only postal content is available on Dak Karmayogi Portal, the iGOT portal of DoPT has wide variety of courses available on various subjects developed by different MDOs and Central Training Institutes (CTIs) like ISTM, LABSNAA, Mussoorie, RAKNPA & NPA. Many of the courses available on iGOT are useful for DoP employees & GDS also and the same can be utilized by DoP officials as per their convenience, as per competencies approved in FRACing documents of various cadres of DoP. FRACing documents of  II  cadres of DoP have already been sent to you after approval of the Internal FRACing unit (IFU-DOP).

3. The IGOT Karmayogi platform allows users to login with either Government email ID or mobile number and OTP. All the users will be able to login on the portal with their registered mobile number and OTP. A graphically designed user guide (Annex- 'A') is attached herewith for information.

4. In this regard, DoP has also appointed one nodal officer, processing MDO ID on iGOT portal from each Circle for monitoring purposes at Circle level. The List of officers is attached herewith for information (Annex - 'B'). These nodal officers of Circle will also onboard newly joined employees/GDS etc.

5. Presently, 30 courses have been uploaded by DOP on iGOT portal and 25 new- courses are scheduled to launched by Honorable MOSC on 15th June, 2023 at PTC Vadodara. List of recommended courses for DoP employees including GDS is attached herewith for information and necessary action (Annex - 'C').

6. Circles are requested to make a plan and monitor the training of employees/GDS on iGOT Karmayogi portal in a manner that as many employee/ GDS are trained in the courses available on iGOT portal. A progress report as on 31.07.2023 in this regard be sent to DDG (Karmayogi) in the first week of August, 2023.

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