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Deployment of RICT device and Android Unified DARPAN Mobile App under DOP IT Project 2.0

 Deployment of RICT device and Android Unified DARPAN Mobile App.

1. Receipt of RICT devices at IPPB branch locations:

(i) RICT devices (mobile / tablets, SIM cards, thermal printers and fingerprint scanners) will be procured by IPPB and these will be delivered in batches at 650 Branch locations of IPPB. The device delivery details shall be communicated by IPPB after finalisation of RFPs.

(ii) Once device are received at [PPB Branch, IPPB branch managers will update their inventory record and store these devices under lock & key security. Each IPPB branch shall maintain a Register to manage the inventory count.

2. Activities to be undertaken by IPPB branch prior to handover of devices to Divisional Office:

i) IPPB Branches shall compile BO-wise sequence of priority for distribution of devices in consultation with the Divisional heads concerned.

(ii) The branch wise aggregation shall be communicated by respective IPPB circles to IPPB corporate office. The IPPB corporate office shall accordingly dispatch devices to branch locations.

(iii) Each Device packet received at IPPB branch shall be labelled with the Name of the Access Point (BO Name) and BO facility ID by IPPB branch manager in a prescribed format before handing over to the Divisional Head.

3. Activation of MDM and application in RICT Device:

(i) IPPB shall be providing with an instant QR for each type of RICT device to activate the MDM services in that particular device.

(ii) IPPB branch official will open each device handset, insert new SIM card and scan QR code for activating MDM. Once the MDM services are activated by IPPB branch officials, the RICT device is ready to be used and distributed.

(iii) DOP and IPPB related applications will be automatically installed and updated after activation of MDM services provided that the device is kept online.

4. Delivery of devices to Divisional Head:

(i) All the RICT devices including tablets / mobile/ SIM cards / Fingerprint scanner/Chargers /Connector (USB) / Thermal Printer shall be handed over by IPPB branch official to Divisional Heads.

(ii) The Divisional head will schedule a training for DARPAN android application for end users in batches at available training centers.

(iii) Upon completion of training of DARPAN android application, the RICT devices will be handed over by Divisional Office to end users (BPMs) under proper receipt.

5. Inventory Register at Divisional Office:

Divisional Office shall maintain an Inventory Register in the following format for each type of RICT device:

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