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Merger of Assistant Manager (AM) MMS with Inspector Posts (IP) and Deputy Manager (DM), MMS with Assistant Superintendent of Posts (ASP)

Subject: Merger of Assistant Manager, MMS with Inspector Posts and Deputy Manager, MMS with Assistant Superintendent of Posts.

Download Merger of AM & DM MMS with IP ASP in PDF

No. Y -17 1212023-PE-II -DOP Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (Establishment Division) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001 Dated: 20th June, 2023. To All Heads of Circles.

This is regarding Cadre restructuring of Mail Motor Service Cadre. lt has been found that existing Recruitment Rules for Assistant Manager provides Traffic Supervisor and lnspector & Head Clerk as feeder cadre. However, Traffic Supervisor was re-designated as.lnspector Posts, MMS. Thereafter, cadre of Assistant Manager, MMS and Inspector MMS (which includes Head Clerk) have been merged into a single cadre, i.e. Assistant Manager, MMS.

2. Similarly, lnspector and Head Clerk of MMS with 8 years regular service, including service rendered as Assistant Manager are eligible for promotion to the cadre of Deputy Manager in MMS. Now, in absence of feeder grade officials, the posts of Assistant Manager and Deputy Manager, MMS could not be filled, which is adversely impacting the day to day operation of MMS units.

3. The issue has been examined at this Directorate and with the approval of competent authority, it has been decided to merge the cadre of Assistant Manager, MMS with Inspector Posts and Deputy Manager, MMS with Assistant Superintendent of Posts with immediate effect.

4. The sanctioned strength of Assistant Manager, MMS is 41 and the sanctioned strength of Deputy Manager, MMS is 04, as per Annexure-D of Directorate letter no. Q-25/33/2022-PE-I-DOP dated 11.08.2022. The revised sanctioned strength of lnspector Posts has been issued recently vide Directorate letter no. 25-36/2017-PE-I (Vol.III) dated 29th March, 2023 after creation of 60 new posts.

5. Now, the revised sanctioned strength of lnspector Posts after merger of vacant posts of Assistant Manager, MMS is attached at Annexure-A.

6. The detailed modalities for merger of Assistant Manager, MMS with lnspector Posts and Deputy Manager, MMS with Assistant Superintendent of Posts, formulated in consultation with Personnel Division (SPN-II) of this Directorate, are attached as Annexure-B and Annexure-C respectively.

Yours faithfully,

(R.N. Bharti)


Encl: As above

Copy for information to:

1. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)/ Director General Postal Services. 2. Sr. PPS/ PPS to Addl. DG(Co-ord.)/ Member (Banking)/ Member (O)/ Membe(P)/ Member (Plg. & HRD)/ Membe(Pll)/ Member (Tech). 3. Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser. 4. All Postmasters General. 5. Director, RAKNPA/Directors of All PTCs. 6. Chief General Manager, BD Dte./ Parcel Dte./ PLI Dle. 7. Sr. Deputy Director General (Vigilance) & CVO/ Sr. Deputy Director General (PAF). 8. Secretary, Postal Services Board/ All Deputy Directors General (through e-office notice board). 9. Directo(SPN)/ Directo(Staff). 10. Director (Staff)/ Director (SPN), Dak Bhawan for information & necessary action 11. MV Division, SPG-I, SPG-Il, SPN-I, SPN-II Section. 12. All recognized Federations/ Unions/ Associations (through lndia Post website). 13. GM(CEPT)- for uploading the order on lndia Post website. 14. ADG (Admn) - for uploading the order on e-office Notice Board. 15. Guard File. 16. Spare Copies

(Prashant Kumar) Section Officer (PE-II)

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