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D-cube App new version 1.1.7 APK Released | Download D-cube App Latest APK Version 1.1.7 (updated on 07.06.2023)

This is regarding deployment of new version of DCube app in Karnataka circle in C/W implementation of Aadhaar seeding activity.

Download D-cube Mobile App new version 1.1.7 APK Link

1. New APK with Aadhaar seeding extension facility is provided to MDM portal team of IPPB (for deployment on IPPB devices) and app is provided in the dopdbtdelivery.in portal (for installation purpose of other than IPPB identified devices).

A portal is being provided for the Karnataka circle to onboard new office devices and users at circle level.

For this purpose, information of users and devices in the format of Annexure-I and II need to be uploaded by the circle office user (As informed, that there is rollout in 3 districts, covering 4 postal divisions, the user/device activation will be made by CEPT, Hyderabad for which purpose, consolidated data of Annexure-I and II is to be given by Karnataka circle office to CEPT, Hyderabad immediately.

2. Existing old version will stop functioning w.e.f 5pm of 05.06.2023. All the existing and new users required to get the new version app installed in their device and initiate the app with Karnataka circle with circle name as Karnataka circle.

3. After initiation, app displays 4 options as

I. SSP Payments - HO/SO

II. SSP Payments - BO

III. POSB Aadhaar Seeding - BO

IV. POSB Aadhaar Seeding - HO/SO

The existing rolled out offices can continue the transaction payments without any deviation whereas new offices will have only Aadhaar seeding functionality. i.e. in r/o new offices, transactions cannot be performed until the account balances got updated in DCube.

4. In the new offices, transaction payment of the existing accounts can also be made as inter operable Karnataka circle may conduct workshop on Aadhaar seeding to the BPMs / End users for which app flow screenshots will be supplied by CEPT, Hyderabad

With Regards, Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology Hyderabad - 500001.  Ph: 040-23463645,23463614

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