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POS Version v4.8 released on 20th April 2023 | Check Out What is new in POS Version v4.8

DOP Released the Latest POS Version v4.8 on 20th April 2023. Check out "What's New" for this version of POS (v4.8) and Back Office below.

Post Office Counter:

1. Newly added Functionality in CSI POS application for capturing additional details i.e., Alternate address1, Alternate address2, Alternate address3, Alternate City, Alternate state, Alternate pin-code, Delivery date & Delivery time, Reference no, Delivery address type, OTP based delivery as (Yes/No) at the time of BULK Booking. (All these are optional fields & applicable for Contractual customer)

2. Newly added Functionality in CSI POS application to fetch additional details i.e., Alternate address1, Alternate address2, Alternate address3, Alternate City, Alternate state, Alternate pin-code, and Dimensional parameter of specific article. These additional details (if available) would be availableagainst the specific article no in PORTAL INDUCTION interface.

3. Newly Fields are added in ADD INFO screen under all category international mail booking which is Sender custom Reference no, Importer address Reference, Sales of Good (under Article Type), Country of origin, Return to sender a) priority b) Non-priority ,

4. New validation implemented on below fields available in ADD INFO screen under all category of international mail bookings.

1. Article content should be alphabet only.

2. HS Tariff no should be blank or 8 digits only.

5. Revised format of CN23/CN22 form based on the newly added fields.

6. Introduction of new Bulk booking services i.e., Registered Inland Letter Card, Registered Foreign small packets, Registered Pattern and Sample Packet,Registered periodical, Blind Literature.

Back office:

Newly modified report is available for portal induction booking which includes volumetric Weight, Lenght, Breath, Height, Diameter, Shape of article 

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