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NFPE (AIPEU) Recognition Withdrawal issues clarification 2023

Subject: Clarification on some issues arising as a result of withdrawal of recognition of All India Postal Employees Union Group C (AIPEU) as well as National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE).

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No.SR-10/7/2022-SR-DOP (Part) Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (SR Section) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001 Dated: 23-05-2023

To, All Chief Postmasters General

Consequent to the withdrawal of recognition of the NFPE and AIPEU Group ‘C’ Association by the competent authority, several services associations have sought clarifications on certain issues. The main issues on which clarification have been sought are as follows:

I. What will happen to the trade union facilities which are being availed by NFPE and AIPEU Group 'C’ Association after the withdrawal of their recognition. Whether monthly subscription of members of AIPEU Group ‘C’ will be deducted through DDO or not.

II. After withdrawing the recognition of NPFE, what will be the status of other Associations federated to NFPE.

2. The following are clarified in the matter:-

i. The trade union facilities provided to AIPEU Group ‘C’ as well as NFPE, have also been withdrawn along with withdrawal of their recognition with immediate effect, This also includes discontinuance of deduction of monthly subscription of their members through the concerned DDO.

ii. The trade union facilities available to the following 6(Six) Associations which were federated to NFPE will continue similar to the other non- federated associations. It is also advised to following associations to not use the logo and letter pad of the NFPE for any communications as it is no longer recognized federation.

(a) All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group ‘C'.

(b) All India Postal Employees Union Postmen & MTS.

(c) All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Mail Guards & MTS Group ‘C'.

(d) All India Postal Administrative Offices Employee Union Group ‘C’ & ‘'D’

(e) All India Postal Accounts Employees Association

(f) All India Postal SBCO Employees Association.

3. Please ensure the compliance of the above instructions.

ADG(SR & Legal)

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