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Deputation of DoP employees to IPPB Policy/Rules/Procedure/Guidelines 2023 | DOP HR Management Guidelines for IPPB Deputation

Subject: Deputation of employees of Department of Posts to IPPB — reg.

Download Deputation of DoP employees to IPPB Policy/Rules/Guidelines 2023 in PDF

No. X-20/41/2022-SPN-II Government of India  Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi — 110 001 Dated: 02 May 2023

It is observed that IPPB is selecting employees of Department of Posts for deputation to IPPB for its day-to-day operational requirements as well as specialized requirements. Such selection is being made without consulting the appropriate cadre controlling authority. Due to non-availability of centralized data of number of employees already on deputation, it becomes difficult to take a decision while considering relieving of employees for IPPB.

2. In order to ensure proper HR management of employees in Department of Posts, it has been decided that henceforth selection / deputation of DoP employees to IPPB shall be done only once in a calendar year.

3. Following procedure shall be adopted for deputation of employees of Department of Posts to IPPB:

(a) IPPB may assess its requirement of manpower for upcoming year, eligibility criteria, level of officers required and Terms & conditions of Foreign service;

(b) Taking into consideration above assessment, IPPB shall prepare Circular secking applications from interested & eligible officials;

(c) Circular of IPPB shall invariably contain the clause that applications should be submitted to respective controlling officer only and no direct application shall be sent to IPPB. In case, any official send advance copy of application, such copy will not be considered by IPPB unless it is received from Postal Directorate.

(d) IPPB shall send Circular seeking applications, through PBI Division, to Personnel Division of postal Directorate.

(e) Thereafter, Personnel Division shall seek applications from officals  through Potal Circle alongwith cadre clearance (wherever CCA is in circle and vigdance clearance.

(f) Applications of officials working in Postal Circle shall invariably be routed through concerned Postal Circle. In case of PS Group ‘B’, ASP, and IP working in CEPT, applications shall be routed through GM CEPT. For other employees working in CEPT, applications shall be routed through concerned Postal Circle.

(g) After examining the applications received, application of those officials whose services can be spared will be sent to IPPB for further processing;

(h) IPPB shall adopt its own process for selection of employees out of the list supplied by Postal Directorate

(i) Final selection list shall be sent to Personnel Division for arranging relieving of employees selected by IPPB. In no case, IPPB shall make  direct communication with Postal Circles or any other unit of Department of Posts for providing / relieving manpower.

4. Tentative timelines for various activities of Deputation of DoP employees to IPPB are as under:

IPPB Deputation Timeline

IPPB DOP Deputation Activity

01st August

Sharing draft circular with Personnel Division

10th August

Circulation of draft circular with Postal  Circles

15th August to 15th September

Start & End date for receiving applications

25th September

Receipt of applications from Postal Circles to Directorate

01st November

Sharing of list of applications with IPPB

15th December

Receipt of final list from IPPB

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