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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Retriggering of POSB by Post Office DDOs.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Retriggering of POSB by Post Office DDOs.

Download SOP for Retriggering of POSB by DDOs in PDF


Main purpose: To facilitate retriggering of POSB outbound file (Error file) by DDOs wherein  credit had not happened -- after satisfying the following points:

Points to be noted:

a. Ensure that a minimum of ~1- 11/2 hrs. gap exists from the time of triggering of the original file.

b. Check HRMS audit report downloaded from Finacle after ~1- 11/2 hrs.

c. Ensure that Finacle server is UP and working fine.

Step 1: DDOs to Process ‘Push Error File’: 

DDOs can process the error POSB Outbound file through the path: 

ZPY_MENU→Interfaces →POSB→Push Error File (or) through T-code 


Enter the Outbound File Name (Copy and paste from ‘Outbound report’ to avoid typo error) and ‘Execute’.

If file is in Error state, after executing, the ‘error’ file will be processed and ‘Success’ remark will appear.

If the outbound file is not in error state, against the latest file, Remarks will be updated as  ‘File name not found in Error folder’ and likewise old/past files will be updated as ‘No data  found’.

Step 2: DDOs to re-trigger ‘POSB Interface’:

Once error file is executed, DDOs can re-trigger POSB for the same set of IDs again  by selecting ‘Only Error Cases’. 

Go to ZPY_MENU→Interfaces →POSB→ POSB Interface

After executing, ‘Error’ file will be replaced with a new ‘outbound’ file. This newly generated file will be shared to FSI for further processing. DDO can check for the credit / HRMS audit report after minimum of ~1- 11/2 hrs gap from the time of re-triggering of error  file.

It is also suggested to do some random check from Finacle to confirm the credit. In case of any queries, mail to along with exported  outbound file and HRMS audit report.


1. Is the SOP applicable for both OCP & Salary?


2. Can DDO re-process the already processed/credited outbound file?

No. System will throw the error message in remarks column.

3. Who can re-trigger the error POSB file?

Users mapped with POSB Interface role can process the re-triggering.

4. Is it mandatory to do the Step 2 after processing Step 1? 

Yes. It is mandatory to process Step 2 for successful credit.

5. What if ‘Employee already Executed’ error received while re-triggering of POSB?

It is mandatory to select ‘Only Error Cases’ check box while re-triggering.

6. Can DDO follow the same procedure in case of non-credit even from re-triggered outbound  file?

Yes. DDO can follow the same procedure until credit happens

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