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DOP Network Management (NI) is taken over by BSNL w.e.f 01.04.2023 Under IT Modrnization Project 2.0 (DOP IT 2.0)

Sub: Management & monitoring of DoP (Post Office) Enterprise Network on Turnkey basis under IT modernisation Project (IT 2.0) by BSNL.

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Ref. 1. BSNL CO letter no F.No. BSNLCO-EB-VI 1 ( 1 I)] 112023 -EB-I Dated 07.03.2023

Enterprise Business NCR-I Cell, O/o CGM (CN-Tx North), Kidwai Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi-110001. BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED (BSNL) Ph.: 23325530, FAX: 23325529

F. No. CNNCO-12/15/5/2023-EB-I Date: 01.04.2023

As per the DoP letter No. Tgy-48/6/202 1 - Technology-DoP Dated 16.02.2023 and subsequent communication on the subject mentioned above, BSNL has taken over the existing network on as -is-where is basis w.e.f. 1.4.2023 from DoP and BSNL is responsible for managing, monitoring DoP Enterprise Network on turnkey basis under IT 2.0 for all the post office location. Further, BSNL has to strengthen and modernize the IT System of Department of Posts, involving replacement of router etc in field in a gradual and time bound manner.

To ensure continuity & smooth transition without affecting the postal operations, the following instructions are hereby issued-

1. CGM (CNTx-North) shall be the Nodal authority for implementation of DoP IT modernisation project -2.0. CNTx-N Circle is in process of calling RFP in this regard.

2. Primary connectivity will continue to be provided & managed by BSNL.

3. M/s Sify Technologies Ltd was responsible for the NSP-2 Bandwidth, Managed Services (NSP1 &NSP2), NOC support, Hardware AMC and licensing etc. upto 31.03.2023. After BSNL has taken over the existing network w.e.f 01.04.2023 , it has been decided by BSNL to continue with the existing arrangement with M/s Sify Technologies Ltd for one year.

M/s Sify Technologies Ltd. shall be responsible for the NSP-2 bandwidth, whereas M/s Sify Digital Services Ltd. (A wholly owned subsidiary of SIFY Technologies Ltd.) shall be responsible for the rest of the items ie, Managed Services (NSP1 &NSP2), NOC support, Hardware AMC and licensing etc.

4. M/s Sify will continue to serve on as is where is basis w.e.f 01.04.2023 for one year in respect of fault booking/clearance, booking of new request/ upgradation/ shifting/ closure request from DoP, Provisioning of various types of reports etc on behalf of BSNL as well.

5. One officer of the level of SDE/AGM may be posted at Circle office exclusively for DoP work.

6. List of M/s Sify contact persons with telephone no. is attached as Annexure I

7. Weekly meeting with Sify, with/without DoP may be held at Circle level (at DGM / GM level) and MoM to be shared with this unit.

8. Working links details in attached format (Annexure-Il) may be shared on monthly/ quarterly basis.

9. Separate instructions shall be issued for billing after finalisation of commercials and terms and conditions with Department of Posts.

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