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SOP on PLI RPLI ECMS Data Deletion | Download PLI RPLI ECMS Document data Deletion SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in PDF

Sub: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on process for generating report (Protected list) in connection with deletion of ECMS (Electronic Cash Management Services) document(s) related to PLI/RPLI and report of access ids.

Download SOP for Deletion of PLI/RPLI ECMS Documents 2023 in PDF 24-01/2021-LI (Pt)

(Directorate of Postal Life Insurance)

Dated: 02.03.2023

Please refer to this office letter of even no. dated 11.05.2021 wherein 'Record Retention and Document Management Policy for PLI/RPLI' was introduced and circulated among the Circles with the preservation period and procedure of document retention.


2. In above referred letter, instructions were also made to prepare 'PLI/RPLI Protected list of all such policies whose physical records are not to be weeded out, comprising all such PLI/RPLI policies which have become subject matter of a court case/consumer forum etc. till 3 years of date of final order of court/consumer forum etc. or till 5 years of date of exit of policy, whichever is later.


3. in the similar manner, the ECMS data i.e, scanned documents pertaining to PLI/RPLI policies available in the McCamish system are to be deleted/purged as per the prescribed retention period. The said activity of marking identified policies as protected in CIS System, will be performed through a portal designed for the purpose. For accessing the said portal, user credentials have been created (circle wise) which is available on the Following link:- The users will have to login to the portal from where the Circle wise data relating to PLI/RPLI polices can be generated and Circles will need to identify/mark such policies which are supposed to be deleted/protected from the system.


A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for handling the portal along with timeframe for each activity, has been prepared by PLI-CEPT Team. The SOP document prepared by CEPT Team is enclosed with the letter for reference. The timelines for various activities involved and various actions required to be taken by Circles in the process are as under:-.


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