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SB Orders 2022 MCQ | Download SB Orders 2022 Quiz Questions Answers One Liners in PDF | Postal MCQ Set (100)

SB Orders 2022 MCQ,Quiz Questions and Answers, One Liners. Post Office Quiz/MCQ/One Liners on SB Orders 2022. MCQs for GDS,MTS,Postman to PA SA Exam and LGO Exam. Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on Post Office Savings Bank Orders 2022 (SB Orders). PS Group B Exam MCQ. MCQ. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Test. Best Questions on Postal Circulars. Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

Q1. Linking of mobile number of account holder was made mandatory for opening of POSB account as per which SB Order?
SB order No. 17/2017 ( Reiterated in SB Order 01/2022)
Q2. Submission of PAN number is mandatory for opening of any account in Post Office as per Rule 6 of GSPR 2018. PAN Number is to be submitted by the Depositor without fail, within next ________
Six Months (Introduction of online PAN verification functionality in Finacle CBS System was issued through SB Order 02/2022)
Q3. Printing and Supply of below mentioned items have been transferred from NSI (National Savings Institute (NSI) to Department of Posts (DOP). Accordingly, it was done from the financial year 2022 - 2023 i.e. from ______
(i). Authorized Agents Receipt (AAR) Books - Cash and Cheque for SAS agents.
(ii) ASLAAS-5 Cards for MPKBY agents.
(iii) POSB CTS Cheque books for PO Savings Account holders.
Q4. Roll out of NEFT/RTGS facility for POSB accounts which was made operational for POSB account holders from 31.05.2022 was issued through the SB Order_______
SB Order 08/2022
Q5. Online account opening and closure for National Savings Certificates (VIII Issue) (NSC) and Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) have been introduced in DOP Internet Banking w.e.f ________ through the SB Order ______
18th August 2022, SB Order 13/2022 (PPF Online A/c Opening introduced through SB Order 14/2022)
Q6. Online ePassbook Facility Introduced for National (Small) Savings Schemes account holders (POSB) on ________ through the SB Order ________
12/10/2022, SB Order 19/2022
Q7. POSB has been allotted unique______________ code in connection with implementation of NEFT/RTGS service for POSB account holders for fund transfer through NEFT/RTGS payment channels?
Q8. SB-5A Passbook is used for which type of account in post office ?
NSC/KVP/TD Accounts
Q9. What is the IFSC code of post office SB ?
Q10. As per instructions in Lr.NO. FS-L415/12/2021-FS-DOP dated 22.11.2021 Which logo is printed on title page of the POSB passbooks?
AKAM Logo (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav)
Q11. As per SB 21/2022 Printing of IFSC code has been ordered in the ____
First page and tile page of the POSB passbook
Q12. As per which SB order , IFSC code is being printed on POSB passbook?
SB Order No. 21/2022
Q13. As per which SB Order, instructions have been issued to update mobile number of account holder before initiating the transactions amounting to rs 20,000 and above in POSB account ?
SB order No. 01/2022
Q14. Counter PA should update mobile number in CIF using which menu wrt mobile number available in KYC documents of the depositors ?
Q15. Till 01-04-2023., the finacle system will throw an______irrespective of amount of deposit /withdrawal/ closure transaction, if mobile number is not updated in POSB Accounts
Q16. After 01-04-2023, Exception will gradually be converted to ______- so as to block the trasaction in POSB accounts without mobile number
Q17. KVP/NSC bulk closure can be made through finacle menu?
Q18. What is the nodal office for processing of ECS Outward credit of SBA type of accounts?
Q19. Payment of maturity/pre-mature/closure amount of SB/PPF/NSS/SSA account in to account holders bank account through ECS outwards credit facility has been provisioned as per which SB order?
SB Order No. 23/2022
Q20. Counter PA shall proceed for clousre of account of account through which finacle menu ?
Q21. Counter PA shall proceed for creation of ECS PAYOUT mandate through which finacle menu ?
Q22. Selection of 'Yes' in 'modify my name' has been disabied under which of the following finacle menu to avoid changing the name of the account holder by using CIF merger in single and double handed post office ?
Q23. For any change in the name at account level, the concerned post office shall send the case along with relevant documents to
Head Post Office (HO)
Q24. For any change in the name at account level in case of single and double handed post office, concerned HO shall change the name of account holder through______ menu in finacle and intimate the post office concerned.
Q25. In view of the safety of depositors' hard-earned money and ensuring effective KYC compliance, competent authority has decided to freeze those MIS/SCSS/TD/KVP/NSCARD accounts which have been matured till but not closed.
Q26. What is the Freeze reason code to be noted in Finacle in respect of Inoperative accounts for more than 3 years?
Q27. As per SB order 25/2022, Freezing of Small Savings Schemes accounts get matured but not closed after how many years of maturity has been ordered?
3 years
Q28. If any account holder whose account/certificate is found to be Frozen with freeze code "INOP:- Inoperative more than 3 years" attends any post office with Certificate or Passbook for closure, the account/certificate holder should be requested to submit the following documents: - i) Passbook ii) KYC documents iii) SB-7 iv) SB-7A
i , ii & iv are correct
Q29. KVP shall mature in how many months as of 1-1-2023?
120 Months (7.2%)
Q30. As of 1-1-2023, which POSB Scheme has highest rate of interest under Small savings scheme?
SCSS (8%)
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