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New GDS Online Transfer Rules | Download Latest GDS Online Rule 3 Transafer Guideline/Procedure/Rules and complete details in PDF

New GDS Online Transfer Rules 2023. GDS Online Transfer Latest Guidelines 2023. GDS Online Rule 3 Transfer Process. No. 17-31/2016-GDS. Procedure for submission/consideration of Transfer under Limited Transfer Facility for GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) 2023.

Instructions for GDS seeking transfer:

(i) Submission of GDS online application - 

(a) Any GDS seeking transfer will w-have to update his/her mabile number with the Divisional Head In the Rule-3 Transfer Portal to create his/her logiion credentials. Without updation of the mobile number, the GDS concerned will not be able to apply for transfer under limited transfer facility,

(b) Once they are registered, they will be able to  login through the same portal using employee ID as their login ID, An OTP would be shared on their registered mobile number which would be their password for logging in the portal,

(c) Any GDS, who has completed one year of engagement may apply online In the window given for the purpose as per his/her convenience against the clear vacant posts (clear vacancies) as well as against the vacancies created due to applied/approved transfers of GDS [tentative vacancies),

(d) Application against sentative pasts, i.e, the posts of GDS who have applied for transfer to another vacant GDS past, shall be treated as vacant on provisional/tentative basis, Subject to the post actually falling vacant in case of approval of the incumbent of that post.

(e) GDS may fill choice of a maximum of tan (10) Posts (including both tentative and non-tentative vacancies) in order of preference of ome Division in any Circle. The transfer wlll be considered for any one of the Indicated Post in order of preference.

(f) The GDS would be having opton to change modify his details/preference or to withdraw his request till the last date specified for submission of online application. In addition to this two dave’ window would be provided for one time change of the preferences In the applications already submitted by the candidates,

(g) A provision has been kept for seeking transfer on spouse ground, if the spouse of the GDS Is working In GDS/departmental staff in department of posts, Central Government, State Government of any of Its subordinate organization/undertaking of Central/State Government. The GDS seeking transfer on spouse ground, will have to upload a certificate Issued by the employer at the time of submitting application In the format as annexed at Annexure-II

(h) After submission of transfer request, a system generated SMS/Email will be send to the GDS on registered mobile and email Id regarding successful submission of his/her application,

(i) The 1st list GDS whose transfer Is approved against the clear vacant posts will be released online as per schedule. The GDS whose transfer is approved will be relieved by the last date as per schedule

(j) The 2nd list of GDS whose transfer is not approved against the clear vacancies, a list of such GDS would be released as per schedule against the tentative vacancies applied for.

(k) A system generated message emall of approval of transfer will be sent to the candidate. A consolidated list will be published in the website of the Department as well as in the online transfer Portal and the same will also be displayed in the login of Divisional/Units Heads (Both where the GDS is working and when transfer has approved).

(l) Refusal to accept the limited Transfer arder shall be construed as one chance of Limited Transfer availed by GDS.

(m) If GDS is not accommodated in any requested posts, he/she can apply in the next cycle of Rule-3 GDS transfer portal,

(ii) Activities done by Divisional/Unit Head: -

(a) Divisional Head will enter the details of vacant posts in the portal as per schedule.

(b) The Division would Inform all concerned that GDS seeking transfer will have to get their Mobile No updated in the Rule 3 Transfer Portal, If not already done earlier, Once they are registered, they will be able to login through the same portal using employee ID, as their login ID. The OTP shared on their registered mabile number as a password.

(c) All the online applications received by Divisional/Unit Head will be verified from the records during as per schedule, If not verified within the stipulated time period, the particulars will be treated as deemed verified and the responsibility would lle with the concerned Division. No extension in this respect  will be granted for the current cycle.

(d) Applications received from GDS, who does net fulfil the eligibility criteria as on the date of application shall be rejected outright by the Divisional/Unit Head by entering appropriate remarks, eq,

(i) 1 year of engagement peried is not completed,

(ii) Permitted number of times Rule-3 availed

(iii) Not recommended for candidate applied with Incorrect TRCA slab

(v) Document verification/police verification is not complete.

(vi) Inadequate engagement period

(vii) Submitted spouse category certificate not correct

(e) A system generated SMS Email will be send to the GDS regarding acceptance rejection of their transfer request with reasons of rejection.

(f) After processing, the 1st list of GDS whose transfer is approved against the clear vacant posts will be released by CEPT on the date mentioned in the schedule.

(g) The GDS whose transfers are approved in 1% list shall be relieved by schedule date to join the new unit and the same will be updated in the Rule- 3 portal without fail.

(h) The 2nd list of GDS whose transfer is approved against the tentative vacancies i.e. falling vacant due to transfer requests approved in 1st transfer list, will be released by CEPT on the date mentioned in the schedule.

(i) The GDS whose transfers are approved in 2nd list shall be relieved by schedule date to join the new unit and the same will be updated in the Rule- 3 portal without fall.

(iii) Mutual Transfer: - The provision of the mutual transfer will be same mentioned in OM No. 17-31/2016-GDS dated 15.07.2021 and will be dealt physically as per the extant instructions.

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