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Deleted/Closed NSC/KVP Certificates Marked as Discharged/Invalid certificate in DOP CBS Finacle centrally through CEPT

Subject: - Regarding deleted/closed marking of certificates (KVP/NSC) identified as discharged/Invalid certificate numbers.

Download Closed/Deleted NSC/KVP Certificates as discharged/Invalid certificate in PDF

F. No. FS-61/1/2021-FS-DOP

(FS Division)

Dated: 15.03.2023.

This is in continuation to this office D.O. letter No. FS-61/1/2021-FS-DOP dated 12.12.2022 & 09.01.2023 in connection with savings certificates identified as discharged in CCBRIDGE or Invalid certificate numbers migrated (i.e. less then 10 digit or more than 10 digit) to Finacle as live certificates.

2. On the basis of CCBRIDGE backup data received from the Circle, analysis had been made with the Finacle live certificates and many certificates were identified as discharged in CCBRIDGE but were found live in Finacle. Further, many certificates were also identified as migrated with invalid certificate numbers i.e. less than or greater than 10 digits.

3. The detailed list of such certificates was shared with the Circles vide D.O. letter No. FS-61/1/2021-FS-DOP dated 12.12.2022 & 09.01.2023 requesting to check the findings of Directorate and intimate in case of any discrepancy noticed by 30.12.2022.Further it was also intimated that if no discrepancy is shared by Circle it will be presumed that Circle agrees with the above findings and these certificates will be marked as closed/deleted in Finacle centrally through CEPT to avoid any chances of double payment and for cleansing of data.

4. In view of slight chances of incorrect data entry in CCBRIDGE by PO it was clarified in said D.O. letter that “In case any such certificate is produced for payment in future’ Circle should settle such cases manually after making necessary verification so as to avoid double Payment”

5. Even after clear instructions have been issued, it has been observed that some of the post offices are raising tickets in case of any such certificate received for payment or referring matter to Division/Region/Circle/Directorate resulting in unnecessary delay of payment to the customer.

6. Therefore, you are once again requested that necessary action should be issued to the field units to act as prescribed in para 4 above. Any unnecessary delay in such payments will be viewed seriously.

This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.

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