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    Parcels CoD Payments Settlement | Settlement of CoD (Cash On Delivery) payment cases of Parcels.

    Subject: Settlement of CoD payment cases of Parcels.

    Download Parcels CoD Settlement of payment cases in PDF

     File No 01-02/2022-PD

    (Parcel Directorate)

    Date: 07.02.2023

    This is regarding inability to process CoD Payments through e-Payment after following relevant SoPs and raising ticket in CSI and for CoD Parcels delivered out of system, for which Punjab Circle had sought guidance for settlement of such CoD payment complaint cases vide letter number CPT/COD Articles/2022 dated 23.11.2022.

    2. In this regard, Parcel Directorate letter no 01-02/2022-PD dated 11.04.2022 may please be referred wherein it was requested that:

    i. In case Electronic data of CoD parcel is not received even after calling the central server, delivery office to return the CoD Parcel to sender. The matter should be referred to CEPT under intimation to Parcel Directorate for further necessary action. Under no circumstance manual delivery is to be made

    ii. Circles to ensure that delivery of CoD parcels are done only through DPMS/Legacy system and in no case delivered manually.

    3. Despite above instructions, cases have come to notice where CoD Parcels were delivered in the absence of booking data or delivered manually. Due to these reasons, E-Payment of CoD amount cannot be processed in these cases even after following the SoPs and raising ticket in CSI helpdesk.

    4. For timely settlement of customer grievances, it is advised that such cases be settled at the level of Payment Circle on case-to-case basis after following due diligence ensuring that double payments are not made for the CoD amount.

    5. Circles are requested once again to ensure that all CoD Parcels are delivered through DPMS only.

    There are indications that number of CoD parcels are going to increase further. We must try to ensure that CoD parcels are delivered as per the SoP, so that customers get their CoD amount in time.

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