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    Post Office Interest Rate Calculator 2023 | Download Post Office FD Interest rate chart (Table), Investment (Savings) & Returns Table in PDF

    Post Office Interest rate claculator 2023. Download Post Office Investment and Returns Claculator 2023 in PDF

    Post office investment Schemes

    Postal Rate of Interest in %


    Deposit Amount in Rs.

    Post Office Returns in Rs. (Approximately)

    Post Office Savings Bank Facilities



    SB Account (SB)






    Min Rs.500  Max No limit


    No maturity period. Every year Interest will be paid as per their savings.

    Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, NEFT (IFSC:IPOS0000DOP), ATM facilities available. Can withdraw from bank ATM also. Interest up to Rs.10000 tax free


    RD Account (RD) 5Years





    Monthly Min Rs.100. Multiples of Rs.10/- Maximum No Limit

    For Monthly Rs.1,000 investment, total deposit Rs.60000, Maturity amount is Rs.69697.

    Monthly Recurring Deposit. After 3 years Premature closure is allowed with SB interest. After one year Loan is admissible @ 50% savings.

    Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) 5 Years



    Monthly and paid

    Min.Rs.1000/-Multiples of Rs.1000/- Maximum

    Rs.4.5 lakh for single Rs.9 lakhs for joint

    For Rs.1,00,000/-

    Monthly interest Rs.591. Total Maturity value Rs.1,35,500.

    Monthly interest can be withdrawn.

    Premature closure is allowed after 1 year 2% deduction and

    after 3 years 1% deduction

    1 Year Time Deposit

    (Fixed deposit)







    Min Rs.1000/- Multiples of Rs.100/ Maximum No limit

    For Rs.1,00,000

    investment Maturity amount Rs.1,06,765.


    Can be closed prematurely after 6 months with SB interest. If 2yr TD closed after 1 yr, then 1 yr TD interest – 2%. If 3yr TD closed after 2 yr, then 2 yr TD interest – 2%.

    If 5yr TD closed after 3 yrs, then 3 yr TD interest –2%. For any part of a year SB Interest

    2 Years Time Deposit

    (Fixed deposit)



    For Rs. 1,00,000

    investment Maturity amount Rs.1,13,950.

    Yearly interest Rs.6975

    3 Years Time Deposit

    (Fixed deposit)



    For Rs. 1,00,000

    investment Maturity

    amount Rs.1,21,243 Yearly interest Rs.7081

    5 Years Time Deposit

    (Fixed deposit)



    For Rs.1,00,000

    Investment Maturity amount Rs.1,35,930. Yearly interest Rs.7186/

    In addition to above premature closures,

    Can claim IT exemption under 80C



    Senior Citizen Scheme (5 years)







    Minimum Rs.1000/- Multiples of Rs.1000/- Maximum

    Rs.15 lakhs

    For Rs.1lakh Rs.2000 interest for every 3 months. Maturity value


    Can be closed prematurely

    <1 year, no interest,

    1 to 2yrs 1.5%, after 2 to

    5 yrs 1% deduction

    For retired defense personnels, age 50 & Above, Retired Other Superannuation personnels, age 55 & above other citizens age 60 and above can open SCS A/Cs. Can claim IT exemption under 80c.

    Interest Upto Rs.50000 tax free


    Sukanya Samridhi Account (21 years)

    For girl child below 10 years age






    A/C opening Minimum Rs.250/-

    Deposit Multiples of Rs.50. For Financial Year Min. Rs.250/- Maximum Rs.1.5 lakhs

    If monthly contribution is Rs1000/ for 15 years total contribution is 1,80,000/- Maturity value would be approximately Rs515900. for 7.6% interest after 21 years period.


    Depositing period 15 years. Maturity period 21 years or else before marriage.

    Can withdraw 50% amount after 10std of girl child studies. New scheme launched by the Govt of India, to the welfare of girl children. Can claim IT exemption under 80c


    Period15 years, can be opened for boy child






    Minimum Rs.500/- Deposit Multiples of Rs.50. Maximum Rs.1.5 lakhs for the F.Y

    If monthly contribution is

    Rs1,000/ for 15 years total contribution is 1,80,000/- Maturity amount is Rs.3,15,572.(approx)for

    7.1% interest


    For recurring Savings and Can claim IT exemption under 80c

    Kisan Vikas

    Patra (KVP) 10yrs



    Minimum Rs.1000/

    Multiples of Rs.100/- Maximum No limit

    For 1lakh investment, maturity Rs.2 Lakhs.

    Investment will be doubled in 120 months

    National Savings Certificate (NSC)

    5 years




    Minimum Rs.1000/ Multiples of Rs.100/- Maximum No limit


    For Rs.1,00,000 Maturity amount Rs.1,40,255.


    For fixed deposit. Can Claim IT exemption under 80C

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