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Study Material on Operation of DOP (India Post) ATMs in Post Offices | ATM Study Materials by WCTC Balmatta Mangaluru -575002

ATM (AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE) ATM is a self-service banking outlet, used for financial transactions. One can withdraw money, check balance or even transfer funds. One can withdraw money from any ATM machines irrespective of whether or not account holder has an account in the same Bank / Post Office. Transactions are either free or bear a nominal charge depending upon Banks / Post Offices. Usually Post Office / Banks do not charge for the first 3 – 5 transactions in a month. 

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A nominal charges are levied once the limit of free transactions are crossed. Also Banks / Post Offices levy charges if amount is withdrawn from another Bank’s ATM of the account holder has no account in such Bank. 

A. Eligibility Criteria for availing ATM Card: 

a. Customer should have Post Office Savings Account in CBS Post Office or RICT-CBS Branch Post Office 

b. Either Single or Joint “B” account are eligible. 

c. A blind or illiterate Account holder are eligible d. Joint "A" Account, Minor andperson of unsound mind are not allowed for applying ATM card. 

B. Pre-requisites:

a. Customer should provide a valid Email ID. 

b. Customer should provide a valid PAN Number 

c. Customer should provide a valid Mobile number 

d. CIF ID should be updated with correct First name, Last name, DOB, Father’s Name, Gender, valid Identity and address proof, Correct present address, Mobile number, PAN Number and Mother’s Maiden Name. The name in the personalized ATM card will appear as mentioned in the CIF of Account holder.

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