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    KMF Increased (Revised) the Milk & Curd Price by Rs 2 | Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) raises Nandini milk prices by Rs 2

    The revised KMF milk prices will be effective from 24th November 2022. As per the revised price, KMF has issued an order of increasing the price of Nandini milk and curd by Rs 2 per litre. 

    The revised price of milk and curd will be effective from midnight today. The price of toned milk has been increased from Rs 37 to Rs 39. The price of special milk has been increased from 43 to 45 rupees and the price of Samriddhi milk has been increased from 48 to 50 rupees.

    Homogenized milk Rs.38 to Rs. 40.  Homogenized cow's milk Rs.42 to Rs. 44 Shubham Milk 43 Rs. to Rs. 45  Homogenized standardized milk Rs.44. to Rs. 46 Satrapti Milk Rs.50. to Rs. 52 Double toned milk Rs.36. has increased to Rs. 38.

    The price of curd has been increased from Rs 45 to Rs 47 per litre.

    KMF President Balachandra Jarakiholi said that they are increasing the price in order to give incentives to the farmers.

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