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Kadlekai Parishe 2022 | Basavanagudi Kadalekai Parishe 2022 Date, Program List | Bangalore Groundnut Festival 2022 Date, Time & Program

Basavanagudi Kadalekai Parishe begins from the date 21st November 2022. Which is eagerly awaited by the people of Bengaluru and the surrounding districts of Bangalore throughout the year. This time the three-day conference will start on the evening of November 20.

Groundnut Parishe will be held on the last Monday of Kartika. Due to the large number of people coming on Saturday itself, advance preparations are being made. Officials are all set to launch the Parishe on Sunday evening so that people can see the Peanut Parish without any hassle from Monday.

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Expecting farmers to participate on a large scale in the parishe While the groundnut parishe offers a fair celebration to some, it is a place of worship for the farmers. They celebrate by anointing peanuts to Doddabasavanna and Nandi as offerings to their gods. The districts around Bangalore have received good rains this time and the groundnut crop has also been good. Thus, farmers from Kanakapur, Ramnagar, Magadi, Chikkaballapur, Doddaballapur and other districts are expected to participate in large numbers. In addition to this, different types of groundnuts will come to the council.

After decades Nandi Raft Festival in Kempambudhi lake will start again this time in Basavanagudi parishe. It will also become an attraction for the parishe. Apart from this, cultural programs will be held at Bugle Rock and Narasimhaswamy Park. Not since 2008 was the Nandi Theppotsava held at Kempambudhi Lake, due to various reasons. This time it is starting again. This will give a new lease of life to the Parishe. Preparations for the Teppotsava are already underway and the algae and waste in the lake are being removed.

Cleaning work has started in Basavanagudi. More than two thousand shops in the parishe will participate. Shops are already being opened on footpaths. The work of cleaning the roads and putting up stalls is going on. The groundnut business starts even before the Parishe begins. Color in the Parishe - colored toys, delicious peanuts, fair food, Peepee, balloons, colorpool lighting up Basavanagudi. The rustic atmosphere will draw you in further. More than two thousand shops are likely to be opened in this parishe.

Kaledakai Parishe started in 1537. In 1537, Kempegowda, a builder of Bangalore, established a large Basava temple on Basavanagudi Hill. This temple is known as Bull Temple. Since then, farmers from surrounding villages come here every year and offer their annual peanuts to Basavanna. That tradition continues today. There are various varieties of Tharavari groundnut available in the groundnut parish. Two-seeded, three-seeded, and single-seeded nuts are available. There are many types of groundnuts including Badami, Gadang, Samrat. In addition, black and red clay are mixed with others. Kaladekai Parishe gives Bangaloreans the feel of a village atmosphere. The fair continues to attract huge crowds year after year. Controlling people is also a challenge for officers.

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