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    Introduction of GDS online transfer Portal - GDS Rule 3 Transfer | Processing of transfer applications of GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) under limited transfer facility

    No 17-31/2016-GDS

    (GDS Section)

    Dated: 28.11 2022

    Subject: Processing of transfer applications of GDS under limited transfer facility - introduction of GDS online transfer Portal.

    GDS can visit https://rule3.cept.gov.in/ for submitting GDS Online Transfer Application

    Download GDS online Transfer facility portal in PDF 

    Please refer to this office letter no. 17-31/2016-GDS dated 20.09.202 whereby it was inter-alia, informed that an online Portal for processing transfer applications of GDS is being prepared by the CEPT and therefore, it was also dilected as under:

    (i) GDSs may be allowed to submit their requests for transfer only till 15.10.2022. No application for GDS transfer will be entertained in the manual mode after 15.10.2022 under any circumstances.

    (ii) Circles/Regions/Divisions shall finalize all the pending requests for Limited Transfer (received upto 15.10.2022) by 30.11.2O22.

    2. It is understood that the Circles would have completed the above exercise within the time lines specified. In this context, it is informed that CEPT in process of finalizing different modules in respect of GDS Transfer and some of the modules have already been finalized. In order to the expedite the process, following timelines have been prescribed for CEPT for development of the remaining modules and for Circles to process the GDS transfer applications:



    GDS Online Transfer Activities

    Timeline for CEPT for development/



    Timelines for



    Master Data entry of the GDS vacancies by the



    28.112022 to 05 122O22


    updation of mobile numbers of the GDS seeking transfers with the Divisions in the portal to create login credentials


    28.11.2022 to 07.12.2022


    Online Registration and submission application by the GDS applicants seeking transfer


    08.12.2022 to  14.12.2022


    Verification of online applications by the Divisions



    15.12.2022 to 18.12.2022


    Completion of system process

    15. 12 .2O22

    19. 12.2022  to  21.12.2022



    Verification of Transfer process as test check for one Division each per Circle


    22.12.2022 to 24.12.2022


    Online list of transfers approved

    15. 12.2022



    MIS Module




    Relieve the GDS to join in the new Post



    3. Vacancy calculation for GDS online software: Vacancies arising due to discharge from engagement from 01.07.2022 to 31.12.2022. voluntary discharge from engagement, resignations, promotion on regular departmental posts upto 30.11.2022 will be taken into consideration for transfer. In addition to, the unfilled post of the earlier Cycles for which the panel has been exhausted and the posts fell vacant in the ongoing GDS online engagement Cycle IV (upto 30.11.2O22) due to resignations of the incumbents after joining would also be taken into consideration. This exercise is to be carried out by the Divisions between 28 11.2022 to 05.12.2022. 

    The CEPT will share 'URL' for rule 3 Transfer of GDS and would also share the login credentials with the Divisions and the manner in which the data entry is to be carried out by 28.11.2022. The instructions to use the Portal/URL would also be available in theURL itseif. 

    GDS Transfer Order of Priority:

     a. The applications submitted by the applicants received in the login of the Divisional Unit Head (where GDS is presently working). The email / pop up message on the same will also be received by the Divisional/Unit Head.

    b. Date of engagement shall be considered for deciding order of priorirty of all such applications. However, the PwD candidate will give preference irrespective of date of engagement

    c. In case of tie in date of engagement, date of birth shall be considered for deciding order of priority. The detailed instructions for the GDS applicants and for Divisional/Unit Heads is annexed as Annexure.

    4. In addition to above all the HoCs are requested to ensure completion of the following tasks also for notification of GDS vacancies in Schedule -I (January) 2023 -

    (i) Vacancy calculation for notifrcation in Schedule-I (January) 2023: - After completion of the online transfer process all the vacancies including falling vacant due to deputation of GDS to APS and IPPB (for more than six months), as prescribed vide this office Om No. No.17-31/2016-GDS(pt) dated 25.11.2022 would be calculated and intimated to this office as well as to the CEPT by 05.01.2023.

    (ii) The notification for GDS Online Engagement will tentatively be issued simultaneously by all the Divisions on 19.01.2023 in Schedule -I (January) 2023 by notifying all the vacancies mentioned in Para 5 (i).

    (iii) Circles must complete/finalize conducting of CCE and review of Compassionate cases by conducting special CCE before notifications of vacancies.

    (iv) vacancics must be uploaded by Divisions as per the schedule to be conveyed by the CEPT in their consultation.

    (v) Further process in respect ofthe vacancies already in prpeline under Cycle

    IV for which the verification process/joining process is under way, will continue as per the time lines given in the notification issued in May, 2022.

    (vi) All HOCs may ensure that engaging units are strictly following already apploved and circulated model notifications to notify GDS vacancies through GDS online engagement process

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