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    DOP (Post Office) POSB Vigilance Handbook: Compilation of Post Office Savings Bank and Savings Certificate (POSB/SC) Rulings/Instructions

    Compilation of Post Office Savings Bank and Savings Certificate (POSB/SC) Rulings/Instructions having Vigilance aspects. Post Office (DOP) Vigilance Hanbook by Senior Superintendent of Post Offices (SSP), Mangalore Postal Division.

    Download POSB Vigilance Handbook in PDF

    I. Entry of Interest in SB / SSA Passbooks. 3

    II. Service Requests of Savings Bank / Savings Certificate Customers. 6

    III. Linking Mobile Numbers to POSB Accounts. 10

    IV. High Value Withdrawal Verification in respect of Branch Offices. 11

    V. PAN Validation. 13

    VI. Collection of Passbooks at the time of closure / premature closure of any  TDA type accounts (RD/TD/MIS/SCSS/KVP and NSC) in single and double  handed Post Offices.  14

    VII. Instructions in SB Order no. 05/2016 dtd 21.06.2016 and its Addendum  dated 24.08.2016.  15

    VIII. Unauthorized Canvassing of Business by Agents in Post Office premises. 19

    IX. Withdrawal through Messenger. 19

    X. Surrender of unused cheques by POSB Cheque Account Holder on closing  Cheque Account.  21

    XI. Presence of depositor at the time of Opening of Account. 22

    XII. Conversion of Single Account to Joint Account. 23

    XIII. Issue of Duplicate Passbook. 24

    XIV. Limit on Amount of Deposit in Branch Post Offices. 31

    XV. Permissible number of withdrawals in an Account in a day at Branch  Post Offices.  32

    XVI. Cancellation of unused pages of Passbook while closing accounts. 32

    XVII. 1. Closure of Account without Passbook on maturity (Normal Closure)

             2. Closure of Account without Passbook on Death Claim.  34

    XVIII. Abolition of SB Aptitude Test. 36

    XIX. Verification of SB transactions through MIS server by SBCO. 36

    XX. SB Order no. 05/2009 dated 06.03.2009. 36

    XXI. SB Order no. 17/2022 dated 10.10.2022. 37


    Application to permit claim closure without Passbooks. 38 

    Application to permit normal closure without Passbooks. 39

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