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    Complete and correct entry of data while booking of international mail articles in Post Office Counter is Must - UPU Regulations

    No CF-71/13/2020-CF

    Dated- November, 2022

    (Office Memorandum)

    Sub- Complete and correct entry of data while booking of international mail articles.

    Reference: Directorate's OM of even number dated 24th August 2022.

    Download International mail articles in PDF

    As per the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Convention regulations and domestic laws of a number of designated postal operators, advanced transmission of electronic data for international articles containing goods has been made mandatory. In absence of the same, the articles can be returned to origin on the cost of origin postal administration. Some of the postal administrations like Ireland etc have started returning such international articles due to incomplete or incorrect electronic data. Other countries may also resort to such practice based on the provisions of UPU Convention any time.

    2. It is therefore essential that complete and correct data is captured at the time of booking by the counter PA. Return of the articles due to deficiency in data feeding not only results in public complaints but also have associated cost. In case of return of articles due to incomplete entry of booking data, the “Counter PA" concerned shall be responsible and an amount equivalent to postage paid & return charges on that article shall be recovered from the counter PA.

    3. Further, Offices of Exchanges will re-dispatch the returned articles to the destination country after updating the electronic data through CDS software based on the physical CN form and address slip. A detailed list of such articles shall be compiled and shared with the concerned Circles for recovery of the same from the counter PAs concerned. A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in this regard is attached herewith.

    4. Circles shall sensitize and create awareness among the postal staff for capturing complete and correct data at the time of booking of international articles. The mandatory data fields in addition to weight & item id is mentioned in the attached Annexure for awareness.

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