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SB Order 19/2022: Online ePassbook Facility Introduced for National (Small) Savings Schemes account holders (POSB)

SB Order No. 19/2022 F. No. FS-13/712020-FS (Financial Services Division) Dated: 12.10.2022 

Subiect: Introduction of e-Passbook facility for National (Small) Savings Schemes account holders (POSB) by Postal Department (DOP, Post Office, Indiapost)

Download SB Order 19/2022 in PDF

Link for availing Post Office ePassBook

The competent authority has decided to introduce e-Passbook facility w.e.f. 12.10.2022 in order to provide simplified and enhanced digital facilities to National (Small) Savings Schemes account holders. 

2. With introduction of the facility, Post Office Small Savings customers will be able to access the account details anytime, anywhere and without the need of having Net Banking or the Mobile Banking access. e-Passbook facility can be accessed by an account holder through the registered mobile number. The service will be available free of cost. 

3. Facilities available under e-Passbook will be as follows: - 

(i) Balance lnquiry: - ln this option, user can view balance of all National savings Scheme accounts. 

(ii) Mini statement: - Mini statement will be available for PO Savings Account (POSA), Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA) and Public Provident Fund Account (PPF) to start with and will be extended to other schemes in a phased manner' Last 10 transactions will be displayed and mini statement can be downloaded in Pdf format.  

(iii) Full Statement: -

Full statement will be made available in a phased manner. Customer will be able to generate account statement for specified date range.

4. The link for e-Passbook is made available on lndia Post website (at link and IPPB website

The facility will also be made available in Postlnfo App subsequently. 

What is the process to be followed for availing Post Office ePassbook?

Account holders may follow the process outlined below to use this facility: - click on e-Passbook link provided on or . 

Enter mobile number and CAPTCHA --> Login --> Enter OTP --> Submit . 

Select e-Passbook . 

Select Scheme Type, 

Enter account number, 

registered mobile number and CAPTCHA -->

Continue --> Enter OTP --> Verify . 

Select option (a) Balance Enquiry (b) Mini Statement (c) Full Statement . 

Balance or Mini Statement or Full statement will be displayed based on the service chosen by customer. 

Mini Statement and Full statement can also be downloaded if required. &:E: - lf the entered mobile number is not linked with the account, system will throw appropriate error message. ln such cases account holders are requested to link mobile number to their accounts by visiting the post office where the account stands. 

5. lt is requested to circulate this to all concerned for information, guidance and necessary action. Adequate promotion ol this functionality is to be done and the same may also be placed on notice board of the post office(s)' 

6. Hindi version will be issued in due course 7. This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority

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