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LTC New Rules 2022 - Relaxation in AIR (Flight) Travel to visit North East Region, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and Andaman & Nicobar extended up to 25th September 2024

F.No. 31011/15/2022-Estt-A-IV

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training

(Establishment A-IV)

Dated 11th October, 2022


Subject : Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 Relaxation to travel by air to visit North East Region, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and Andaman & Nicobar extension beyond 25.09.2022 - reg.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM No.31011/3/2018-Estt.A-IV dated 08.10.2020 regarding relaxation to travel by air to visit North East Region, Jammu & Kashmir, and Andaman & Nicobar, and to say that in relaxation to CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988, the scheme allowing Government servants to travel by air to North East Region (NER), Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Union Territory of Ladakh and Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands (A&N) is extended for a further period of two years, w.e.f. 26 September, 2022 till 25th September, 2024.

2. The above Special Dispensation Concession is subject to the following terms & conditions:

(i) All eligible Government servants may avail LTC to visit any place in NER/A&N/J&K/Ladakh against the conversion of their one Home Town LTC in a four years’ block period.

(ii) Government servants, whose Home Town and Headquarters/ place of posting are same, they are not allowed the conversion of any Home Town LTC as they are not eligible for the Home Town LTC facility.

(iii) The Government servant whose Home Town is situated in NER/A&N/J&K/Ladakh will also be allowed conversion of Home Town LTC for availing this Scheme to visit any place in any one of the three regions out of the above mentioned four regions except the region wherein his/her Hometown is situated.

(iv) Fresh Recruits are also allowed conversion of one of the three Home Town LTCs in a block of four years, applicable to them to visit NER/A&N/ J&K/Ladakh. In addition, they are allowed one additional conversion of Home Town LTC to visit UT of J&K/ UT of Ladakh in a block of four years.

(v) Government servants entitled to travel by air may avail this concession from their Headquarters in their entitled class of air by any airlines subject to the terms and conditions as enumerated in DoPT’s OM. No. 31011/12/2022-Estt.A-IV dated 29.08.2022 (copy enclosed).

(vi) Government servants not entitled to travel by air are allowed to travel by air in Economy class by any airlines subject to the terms and conditions as enumerated in DoPT’s OM dated 29.08.2022 in the following sectors:-

(a) Between Kolkata/Guwahati and any place in NER.

(b) Between Kolkata/Chennai/Visakhapatnam and Port Blair.

(c) Between Delhi/Amritsar and any place in J&K/Ladakh.

Journey for these non-entitled employees from their Headquarters upto Kolkata/ Guwahati/Chennai /Visakhapatnam/Delhi/ Amritsar shall be undertaken as per their entitlement.

(vii) Air travel by Government employees to NER, J&K, Ladakh and A&N as mentioned in para (v) and (vi) above is allowed whether they avail the concession against Anywhere in India LTC or in lieu of the Home Town LTC, as permitted.

(viii) Government servants not entitled to travel by air are also allowed to travel by air in Economy class by any airlines to any place in NER/A&N/J&K/Ladakh from their Headquarters directly, however, the reimbursement will be subject to the conditions as enumerated in DoPT’s OM No. 31011/12/2022-Estt.A-IV dated 29.08.2022.

(ix) The instructions regarding booking of air tickets through authorized travel agents, best available fares, slots, booking time, advances, reimbursement, etc., as mentioned in DoPT’s OM No. 31011/12/2022-Estt.A-IV dated 29.08.2022 will also be applicable for this Special Dispensation Scheme.

3. All the Ministries/Departments are advised to bring it to the notice of all their employees that any misuse of LTC will be viewed seriously and the employees will be liable for appropriate action under the rules. In order to keep a check on any kind of misuse of LTC, Ministries/Departments are advised to randomly get some of the air tickets submitted by the officials verified from the airlines concerned with regard to the actual cost of air travel vis-a-vis the cost indicated on the air tickets submitted by the officials.

4. In so far as applicability of this extended scheme to the persons belonging to Indian Audit and Accounts Department is concerned, a separate communication will be issued after the comments/concurrence from the O/o C&AG is received as mandated under Article 148(5) of the Constitution of India. 

F. No. 31011/12/2022-Estt.A-IV

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training

Establishment A-IV Desk

North Block, New Delhi.

Dated 29th August, 2022


Instructions on booking of Air Tickets on Government Account in respect of Leave Travel Concession (LTC) - regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the above mentioned subject and to state that in view of the disinvestment of Air India and the consolidated instructions issued consequently by Department of Expenditure vide O.M. No. 19024/03/2021-E.IV dated 16.06.2022, which is also applicable in case of air journey in respect of LTC, it has been decided that:

In all cases of air travel in respect of LTC, air tickets shall be purchased only from the three Authorized Travel Agents (ATAs), namely:

(a) M/s Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited (BLCL),

(b) M/s Ashok Travels & Tours (ATT),

(c) Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC).

The choice of the travel agent for booking of ticket from the three authorized travel agents is left open to the Ministry/Department and the official in case of self booking, based on convenience and service quality. No agency charges/convenience fees will be paid to these ATAs.

Government employees are to choose flight having the Best Available Fare on their entitled travel class which is the Cheapest Fare available, preferably for Non-stop flight in a given slot, mentioned below, at the time of booking. They are to retain the print-out of the concerned webpage of the ATAs having flight and fare details for the purpose of the settlement of the LTC claims.

(a) On the day of travel in the desired 3 hours’ slot of following time band — 00:00 hours to 03:00 hours, 03:00 hours to 06:00 hours, 06:00 hours to 09:00 hours, 09:00 hours to 12:00 hours, 12:00 hours to 15:00 hours, 15:00 hours to 18:00 hours, 18:00 hours to 21:00 hours, 21:00 hours to 24:00 hours.

(b) With provision of optimizing within a 10% price band, for convenience and comfort. Employees are encouraged to book flight tickets at least 21 days prior to the intended date of travel on LTC, to avail the most competitive fares and minimize burden on the exchequer.

Employees are also encouraged to avoid unnecessary cancellations. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before intended travel on LTC, will require the submission of a self-declared justification by the employee. All the three ATAs have been directed to provide zero/nil cancellation charges. Till then, cancellation charges are to be reimbursed for all cases where cancellation was due to the circumstances/reasons beyond the control of Government employee.

Employees should preferably book only one ticket for each leg of intended travel on LTC. Holding of more than one ticket is not allowed.

While tickets may be arranged by the office through the travel agent, employees are encouraged to make ticket booking digitally through the Self Booking Tool/online booking website/portal of these 3 ATAs only. Employees must register their official Government Email-Id with these three agencies to book their air tickets digitally through above modes for travel by any airlines.

In case of unavoidable circumstances, where the booking of ticket is done from unauthorized travel agent/website, the Financial Advisors of the Ministry/Department and Head of Department not below the rank of Joint Secretary in subordinate/attached offices are authorized to grant relaxation.

No Mileage Points will be generated against travel on Government account.

Provisions for Advances

Government employees entitled for air travel, may apply for LTC advance with the print-out of the concerned webpage of authorized travel agency having suitable flight and fare details while tracking the fare of the flight under the three hour time slot, as mentioned at Para l{iii)(a) above, at least 30 days prior to the intended date of journey.

Government employees not entitled for air travel and wish to travel by air but not under the Special Dispensation Scheme, may apply for LTC advance with reference to Rail/Bus fare.

Those Government employees who are not entitled for air travel but who wish to travel by air under the Special Dispensation Scheme, may apply for LTC advance with reference to Rail/Bus fare from their Headquarters/place of posting up to Kolkata/Guwahati/Chennai/Visakhapatnam /Delhi/Amritsar plus air fare (indicated in print-out of the concerned webpage of authorized travel agency having suitable flight and fare details) from the relevant railhead in Kolkata/ Guwahati/ Chennai/ Visakhapatnam/ Delhi/ Amritsar till the place of visit in North East Region/Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir/Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar/Union Territory of Ladakh.

Provisions for Reimbursements

(i) In case, at the time of actual booking of the ticket after receiving the advance, there is any difference in fare owing to the time gap between request for advance and grant of advance, the difference in fare will be adjusted at the time of settlement of LTC claim.

(ii) In all cases wherein the non-entitled Government employees travel by air under Special Dispensation Scheme directly from their Headquarters/place of posting to the place of visit in NER/J&K/A&N/Ladakh, the Government employees must take the print-out of the concerned webpage having flight and fare details of the flight for relevant railhead viz. Kolkata/ Guwahati/ Delhi/ Amritsar/ Chennai/ Vishakhapatnam to the place of visit viz. NER or UT of J&K or UT of Ladakh or UT of A&N within the same time-slot where the direct flight has been booked for the purpose of reimbursement. In case the flight tickets are not available in the same slot, the print out of the details of the flights available in the next slot may be retained.

In such cases, the reimbursement will be restricted to the actual air fare for the direct journey or the fare entitled under Special Dispensation Scheme, whichever is less.

(iii) Government employees not entitled for air travel and wish to travel by air but not under the Special Dispensation Scheme, are also required to book their air ticket through only the three ATAs mentioned above irrespective of booking time limit. However, the reimbursement will be restricted to the actual air fare or the entitled train/bus fare for the shortest route, whichever is oN

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