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India Post (Post Office) Express Cargo Service | Expansion of Proof of Concept (POC) of Express Cargo Service in full train load from Surat to Narayanpur Anant


(Mail Business Division)

Dated: 18.10.2022

Sub: Expansion of Proof of Concept of Express Cargo Service in full train load from Surat to Narayanpur Anant - reg.

Download DOP (Post Office) Rail Express Cargo Service in PDF

This is regarding Proof of Concept being carrying out from Surat to Varanasi with a dedicated parcel van attached to Tapti Ganga Express. As per the demands and business potential, it has been decided to operate a full parcel train from Surat to Narayanpur Anant in Bihar under extension of Proof of Concept, which also has stops at identified intermediate stations.

2. Ministry of Railways has accorded the approvals to introduce a full train under the Joint Parcel Product as extension of Proof of Concept on the route from Surat to Narayanpur Anant via Varanasi vide letter No. 2020/TC(FM)/11/19 (Part-2) dated 13.10.2022

(copy enclosed for reference). The following decisions have been taken by Indian Railways to conduct PoC on this identified routes with stoppage at intermediate stations:-

i. The full-train service shall run between a suitable terminal in Surat area (WR) and Narayanpur Anant (ECR), as a weekly time-tabled service in both directions. The frequency of service may be changed subsequently on the basis of its patronization.

ii. The freight for these services shall be charged at 'P-scale plus 40%.'

iii. Trains shall preferably run with a composition of 20 Parcel Vans plus Brake-van. If some space remains unutilized after accommodating the traffic brought by India Post, Railway may utilize the space for consignments booked directly by the Railway.

IV. India Post may provide first-mile-last-mile service, first-mile-only service, or last mile- only service - as per the demands of the customers. Separate rates for first-mile-last-mile/ first-mile-only/ last-mile-only services will be communicated by Department of Posts, which will be incorporated in PMS to facilitate easy booking of consignments.

V. Other relevant conditions, as mentioned in Railways’ Board letter No. 2020/TC(FM)/11/19 dated 29.03.2022 shall remain applicable (copy enclosed).

VI. The above PoC shall be executed on experimental basis for an initial period of 6 months (from the date of commissioning of the service), subject to quarterly review. Based on comprehensive review of the scheme, further extension shall be considered subsequently.

3. The booked parcels shall be put inside the boxes (specially designed by Indian Railways) — which shall be locked and sealed by the Department of Posts in the presence of Indian Railways representative. Similarly, the boxes shall be opened at the destination station in the presence of Railway Staff and delivery shall be done in PMS.

For operating the PMS terminal for booking and delivery of consignments, the Department of Posts shall arrange hardware and internet connectivity at the identified aggregation centres. Thereafter, CRIS shall provide PMS at these terminals through VPN. By the time PMS is not available at the aggregation centre(s), Department of Posts may use a PMS terminal at the Parcel Office of concerned stations.

Department shall make the payment of Railway’s share of freight at the booking station, on the day of departure of train. The payment may be made either in cash or through demand draft or cheque or electronic mode.

In this regard, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh & Bihar Circles are requested to take necessary action as detailed in pre-para and in addition the following activities should be performed by the aggregation centre:-

Circles shall make the arrangements for pick Up of parcels from customer premises and aggregate at identified place at railway station for further processing.

The Circles should start booking of parcels in PMS at the aggregation centre. Circles should ensure the expected load from all the identified stations. On authorization for booking of parcels in PMS, Circles will make all arrangements for booking of parcels at aggregation centres. A booking confirmation via email should be sent to customer as per the draft mail attached as Annexure A.

Provision of hardware (computer, dot matrix printer, weighing scale, thermal printer, handheld scanner etc.) in consultation with Indian Railways at the identified stations.

The Co-branded pre-printed stationery (booking slip) shall be arranged by Circles, the specifications of the pre-printed stationary may be ascertained from the respective counter part of Indian Railways at the respective station, however, to begin with, the local railway’s authorities may be requested to supply the pre- printed stationery for booking of parcels in PMS. In that case, India Post logo sticker may be pasted on the receipt to be handed over to the customers. The India Post & Indian Railways tariff will be automatically calculated by the PMS system, however, the insurance charges should be added manually on the booking receipt. A proper accounting as per the Standard Accounting Procedure should be maintained.

A report of the parcel booked for a particular destination should be sent to destination office via email containing the details of the parcels as per Annexure BThe report should reach the destination aggregation centre before the arrival of the train. In turn, the destination aggregation centre shall prepare a delivery slip for each addressee as per Annexure C. The destination aggregation centre should arrange delivery vehicle (s), manpower for unloading, loading & delivery etc. to affect the delivery of the parcels on the day of arrival of the train irrespective of time.

Further, a sticker of “Express Cargo Service” containing the logos of India Post and Indian Railways may also be pasted on each parcel to promote the Express Cargo Service Annexure D.

The provision of internet connectivity (VPN/UTN) should be ensured at the aggregation centre by Circles in consultation with Indian Railways.

Provision of Cargo box (es) at origin, enroute and destination railway stations will be made available by Indian Railways.

Aggregation of parcels in Cargo Box (es) and lock/seal of the boxes at the identified aggregation centre shall be done in the presence of representative of Indian Railways. Afterwards, handing over cargo box (es) to Indian Railways at DoP aggregation centre.

The Loading-of cargo box (es) in train, transmission, unloading from trains, handing over to DoP at identified DoP’ aggregation centre will be the responsibility of Indian Railways.

The authorized person of the aggregation centre at the destination shall de-seal the cargo box (es) in the presence of representative of Indian Railways, check the parcels as per the parcel list inside the cargo box(es).

The mechanized delivery of parcels shall be ensured by the circles. A delivery confirmation via email should also be send as per the draft attached as Annexure E.

The provisional accounting procedure issued by PAF wing vide No. PA/CSI/02/119/2021-22 dated 29.03.2022 specifically for PoC of Express Cargo Service is attached herewith for adherence Annexure F. As decided, the accounts settlement with the Indian Railways will be done on the day of departure of the train.

M/s Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited (BAGIC) has been on boarded to provide 3rd party insurance of the parcels under Express Cargo Service exclusively. The credential for uploading the information of the parcels on the portal of the BAGIC will be shared shortly.

The activities based tariff for the India Post component would be applicable during PoC and will be reflected in PMS system as assured by Indian Railways. In addition, insurance charges @ 0.03% of content value +GST @18% will be levied.

The customer has the option to opt for first mile & second mile services, first mile service or last mile service as per his/her requirement of the customer, as is indicated below. Activity wise charges for each stage of handling of Parcels by DoP will be paid by the customer. Following charges (inclusive of GST) will be charged from the customer:


Activity Amount (in Rs.)

Only First Mile Rs. 4

Only Last Mile Rs. 4

First Mile and Last Mile both Rs. 6

A daily statement of the parcels booked by each centre should be sent to this office and a comprehensive monthly report containing the number of parcels booked, delivered, revenue earned, amount paid to Railways etc. as per the prescribed format should be sent to this office without fail on

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is to be identified for each intermediate stations and same shall be communicated to MO Division by 19.10.2022.

A rigorous monitoring should be ensured by circles and coordination with the destination station should be done by the SPOC on regular basis.

4. All concerned are requested to follow the instructions as laid down and put the efforts to make the PoC a success and experience learning venture for future endeavours.

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