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    DOP CSI SAP T Code List | Post Office Important CSI SAP T (Transaction) Codes List in PDF | By Tara Prasad Mahapatra ,PA Paralakhemundi HO-761200

    Post Office CSI SAP T Codes List. DOP (Department of Post) SAP T Codes List. India Post SAP T Codes (Transaction) List.

    Download DOP CSI SAP T Codes in PDF


     ZFFV50 - Cash request/Excess cash transfer from HO to SO /SO to HO

    ZFFV50 - Cash remittance to bank /drawal from bank

    ZMEMO_REMIT -ACG11 FORM generation for bank remittance

    ZFI_CASHDENO - To create cash denomination form

    ZFILCASHTRANSFER - Check cash sent to other Lita


    MB52 - To Check the Inventory Stock

    MB51 - To check the invoices

    MB5SB - To verify stock for previous date

    MB90 - Print stamp invoice

    MB5ST - Transit material

    IQ09 - View Serial Number wise IPO Stocks

    MMBE - Stock overview of a material

    MIGO - Inventory movement(Goods receipt/Remove from storage /Place in storage)

    ME21N-Stamp/stationary indent from SO/HO to PSD

    ME22N - Change purchase order

    ME23N - Display purchase order f

    ZMAT_EXT -Create /maintain material code 


    FCH1- Display Doc for Cheque No.

    FCH2 - Display Cheque No for Doc No.

    FCH3 - Cancel cheque leaf beforeissue

    FCH4-Renumber a chq (If a chq is lost and another chq is issued)

    FCH5- Issuecheque

    FCH6- Edit Cheque information

    FCH7- ReprintCheque

    FCH8- cancel cheque after issue(Void & reverse document)

    FCH9- Mark void cheque

    ZF110-Chequerequest& receive


    F-58- Payment by cheque(for liability document)

    F-28- Receive by cheque

    FCHI- Add new cheque book

    FCHI- To view chequein stock

    FCHN- view cheques issued /Cheque register

    FCHE- Delete information on voided Cheque.

    FCHD- Delete chq information created from payment run (Chq created from ZF110 or f-58)

    FCHF- Delete cheque information created manually (chq created from fch5)

    FCHG- Reset specificinformation from cheque

    ZFICHQ- Print Cheque


    ZEMO_UNPAID - Office wise report to check the unpaid eMO

    ZEMOUNPAIDREP - Check the eMOsunpaid under the Division

    ZIPVSREP - To Check Bag Received / Opened /Closed/ Dispatched in POs

    ZDOP_MAIN - DOP Main Screen

    ZMODPMS - DPMS Main screen

    ZART_UPLOAD - Upload article data

    ZMOCODUPDATE - Update COD article details

    Post Office SAP T-codes related to HRMS module

    ZHR_FETCHEMPID - To know employee ID by PAN & Aadhaar Number

    ZHR_LEAVE_BALANCE -To know employee leave balance

    ZHR_LEAVE_REPORT -To generate employee leave taken report in list

    ZHR_ERDETAILS — To know about Establishment strength,filled and vacancy post of a facility ID

    ZHR_REMOVEPOST- To removea post in a facility ID

    ZHR_PENSION_UPLOAD -Pensioner master data upload and generation of pensioner ID

    PCOO_M40_F16 -To generate form-16

    ZHR_FORM16 - To generate form-16

    ZHR_UPD_RELATIONS — Mass upload of Cost centers (For PO13)

    ZHIO1 -Bank key Creation

    ZPAY_BANKCREDIT -Disbursementfor bank account credit and generation of document for cheque

    PA30 -Master data maintenance

    ZPY_MENU -Payroll menu

    ZHR_!T2001_UPD —For mass upload(Change info type for others)

    PO13 — Cost center change

    ZHR_POST_RELATIONS - View Post to Post relations

    ZHR_PAYSLIP - Generate Pay slip of GDS/Pensioner/ Departmental employee

    ZHR_LPC_FORM - LPC Generation


    ZFID -Search Facility ID/Profit Center /Plant/Storage Location etc of Office /To Get Details of all the offices /To Get Details of all the offices under Head Post Office

    ZFBL3N - View DOP Cash balance (TCB)/View POS Cash balance

    ZFI_CASHBAL - To View DOP Cash balance (Single Date / Complete month for Single office /Complete Division)

    ZFI_POS_CASH -To View POS Cash balance (Single Date / Complete month for Single office /Complete Division)

    ZFILPOS_BAL- To View POS Cash closing balance (Single date- Multiple offices)

    FAGLLO3 - To view POS Cash Closing balance (Multiple dates- Single office) /To view POS Cash Closing balance (Multiple dates- Single office) /View Postman MO Issue /View VPP Clearing account report

    ZFR_DAY_NEW - View Daily Account in SAP

    Other T codes

    ZFDAILY - Displays the Daily Transaction History Report. Shows the GLs to which transactions are posted.

    F-02 - Single voucher posting

    FB50- Multiple voucher posting

    PLO_86000030 - Trial balance /Monthly Account

    FAGLBO3 - GL account balance display

    ZMO_RICT_DATA - BO slip generation

    Other t codes

    ZVPP_RETRIEVAL - Retrieval of VPP Article

    FBL1N - To view Postman Liability by Postman Vendor ID

    ZFILRECON - Bank Reconciliation(Drawing /Remittance)


    FB08 - To Reverse the Document

    FB02 - Change posted document

    FB003 - To View Document

    FBRA - To Cancel the Reversal

    ZFI_REV - To view Reversal entry done Report

    ZBOSLIP - View and print BO Slip

    ZFLINS -8001=Savings Bank, 8002 = Savings Certificates 8006=Misc.(PPF)


    ZMOFKG - To View number of RFMS are currently in use in Office and To View Their Credit

    Particulars, Usage, Balance, License Expiry etc.

    ZMO_FKG_LICENSES - Check Franking Machine Licenses

    ZMO_FKG_USAGE - Check the usage of Franking Machine

    VA43 - View BNPL/Advance customer

    FBLSN - View Customer Ledger

    ZBNPL_NEW- View Customer Booking details

    ZCUSTCON - Displaying Customer and contract details based on booking office

    ZCONIN- Advance/BNPL Customer balance report

    FD10N- to know the Outstanding balance Of the customer.

    ZFILEREPORT - Check COD Biller payment (For article booked before Frontend Biller LOXe) ed TRA ID)

    Notional Credit Report - ZMO_FKG_NOTIONAL

    Franking Usage Status Report - ZMO_FKG_USG_STS

    Franking Connection Status Report - ZMO_FKG_CONN_STS

    License Request Details - ZMO_FKG_LIC_REQ

    SOM and Usage Comparison Report - ZMO_FKG_SOM_USG_CMP

    Recharging Franking Licenses - ZMO_FKG_LIC_RECHARGE

    Franking Refund Report - ZMO_FKG_REFUND

    Franking Rebate Report - ZMO_FKG_REBATE Others

    ZMO_POSTBAG_DISPLAY - To check rented out boxes and available boxes. Cross check with manual records.

    ZBNPL_NEW - to check the articles posted by a customer based on the customer number.

    ZFILEREPORT and ZFI_EPAY - To check the collection of e-Payment at various centres

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