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Welfare Measures Available to DOP (Department of Posts) Departmental Employees | CG Employees Welfare Schemes | Compilation by PTC Mysore (Mysuru)

Welfare Measures Available to DOP (Department of Posts) Departmental Employees. Welfare Schemes Available to Post Office Employees. India Post Welfare Schemes. Central Government (CG) employees welfare schemes.

  • Allowances 
  • Leave 
  • Interest free advances 
  • Interest bearing advances 
  • Leave Travel concession 
  • Other welfare schemes

Pay and Allowances:

Pay Matrix ▪ The Pay Matrix comprises of two dimensions. ▪ It has a horizontal range in which each level corresponds to a functional role in the hierarchy and has been assigned the numbers 1 to 18. It is called as levels. ▪ The vertical range for each level denotes the pay progression within that level. ▪ The starting point of the Matrix is the initial Pay

1. MTS post is placed at pay level 1 and has a basic salary of Rs 18000/- 

2. Post Man post is placed at pay level 3 and has a basic salary of Rs 21700/-

3. Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant post is placed at pay level 4 and has a basic salary of Rs 25500/-

4. Inspector of post offices  post is placed at pay level 7 and has a basic salary of Rs 44900/-

Transportation allowance:

• Not admissible for absence from duty for full calendar month 

• Not admissible to those who have been provided with Government Transport 

• Physically disabled employees shall continue to be paid at double the normal rate, subject to a minimum of Rs 2250 + DA. 

• Not eligible for employee with facility of government transport.

Children Education Allowance:

• Reimbursement of tuition & other eligible fees, can be availed by Government Servants up to a maximum of 2 children 

• Will be applicable for expenditure on the education of school going children only i.e., for children from nursery to twelth 

• Annual ceiling is Rs.27,000/- per child. (Rs.2250 PM) 

• Age limit for children education allowance is 22 years for physically/ mentally handicapped and 20 years for other than disabled children 

• Whenever DA increases by 50%, CEA will increase by 25% 

• CEA will be double for the differently abled children 

• Reimbursement should be done just once in a year 

• After completion of financial year. 

• Certificate from the head of institution where the ward of government employee studies should be sufficient 

• The certificate should confirm that the child studied in the school during the previous academic year. 

• Hostel subsidy will be reimbursed up to the maximum limit of Rs.6750 per month per child subject to a maximum of 2 children. 

• However, both hostel subsidy and CEA can be availed concurrently. • Certificate from the head of institution should suffice, with the additional requirement that the certificate should mention the amount of expenditure incurred by the government servant towards lodging and boarding in the residential complex

• Hostel subsidy can be claimed if the children are staying in a hostel with a distance of more than 50 Kms from his residence or from his place of posting 

• The amount of expenditure mentioned, or the ceiling as mentioned in the table above, whichever is lower, shall be paid to the employee. 

• Whenever DA increases by 50%, Hostel Subsidy will increase by 25% 

Leave Rules:

➢Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. 

➢Conversion of one kind of leave into leave of a different kind is permissible when the person is in service only not after quitting. 

➢No leave of any kind can be granted for a continuous period exceeding 5 years. 

Kinds of Leave:

1. Casual Leave 

2. Special Casual Leave 

3. Earned Leave 

4. Half Pay leave 

5. Commuted Leave 

6. Maternity Leave 

7. Paternity Leave

8. Child care Leave 

9. Child Adoption Leave 

10. WRIIL 

11. Extraordinary Leave 

12. Study Leave

Group Insurance Scheme [CGEGIS]:

• Compulsory to all the Central Government employees 

• Twin benefits- Insurance coverage and Savings 

• 30% -- Insurance Fund 

• 70% Savings Fund 

• Eligible for IT rebate under sec.88 of IT Act. 

• Employees are enrolled as members of the Scheme only from 1st January of every year.

Leave Travel Concession (LTC):

Definition of family: A government servant’s wife/husband and Fully dependent 1. Two surviving unmarried children/step children/adopted children 

2. Divorced / widowed married daughter 

3. Unmarried minor brothers 

4. Unmarried/divorced/ abandoned/ separated/ widowed sisters 

5. Parents/ or step parents For deciding dependency, altogether income should not exceed minimum family pension + Dearness allowance ( 9000 + DA) 


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