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Postal Department LDCE Postman, MTS, Mail Guard, Postal Assistant (PA)/Sorting Assistant (SA) Vacancies 2022 | DOP LDCE Vacant Post Fill Up DO Letter

Dr. V. P. Singh 

Member (Personnel) Department of Posts

Postal Services Board Ministry of Communications

Government of India

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,

New Delhi - 110 001

D.O. No. W-17/21/2022-SPN-I 18th August, 2022

Download DO Letter on DOP Vacant Post Fill up in PDF

As you are aware, Government has decided to fill vacant posts adopting a mission mode approach. The mission is being coordinated by Department of Personnel &Training (DoPT) through a Task Force, of which Department of Posts (DoP) is a Member. The Mission is monitored at the highest level of the Government. An extensive exercise has been carried out in consultation with Circles to decide the vacancy and recruitment plan of DoP, which has been shared with DoPT and uploaded on in Recruitment Mission Portal.

2. Attention is invited to letter No. 03-03/2019-SPN-I (Pt.-I) dated 17.05.2022 wherein it was directed that unfilled vacancies of MTS, Postman and Mail Guard for the period 01.04.2018 to 31.12.2021 shall be included in the vacancies for the year 2022 (01.01.2022 to 31.12.2022). During the review, it was found that some vacancies of MTS, Postman and Mail Guard prior to 01.04.2018 are also unfilled due to some administrative reasons. Accordingly, vide letter No. 03-03/2019-SPN-I (Pt.-I) dated 04.08.2022, directions have been issued to include such vacancies also in the recruitment process of 2022.

3. Based on the information received from Circles, Circle-wise and post-wise vacancies of MTS, Postman and Mail Guard are given in Annexure-I. Circle- wise details of Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant vacancies are given in Annexure-II. Circle-wise and post-wise vacancies of MTS, Postman, Mail Guard, Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant earmarked for compassionate appointment and sportsperson recruitment upto the period 31.12.2021 are given in Annexure-III. Circles are required to ensure inclusion of these vacancies in the recruitment process of 2022 and calculate recruitment mode-wise vacancy. 

It may be noted that downward revision in total number of vacancies in any cadre will not be permitted as these vacancies have already been communicated to DoPT. However, if after review, there is a need for upward revision in total number of vacancies in any cadre, that may be decided at the level of CPMG and details thereof be sent to Directorate.

4. I would like to reiterate that as the recruitment mission is being monitored at the highest level of the Government on a weekly basis, it is imperative that implementation of the recruitment plan is accorded highest level of priority. DPS (HQ), who has been designated as Nodal Officer, shall review the progress on a weekly basis and send weekly report every Thursday in the proforma circulated in this regard and also to apprise CPMG for any corrective measures. Further, CPMG shall personally review the progress on a fortnightly basis. Secretary (Posts) / DGPS will also review the progress regularly through VC. I am sure, with our collective efforts, we will be able to comply with the directions of the Government.

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