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GDS to MTS, Postman, Mail Guard, PA/SA Exam Quiz | Online Practice Papers for GDS to Postman, MTS, PA SA Exam | Mock Test - 04

Free Mock Test for GDS to MTS Exam, Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) for GDS to MTS (Multi-Tasking Staff), Postman & Mail Guard Common Exam. Model Papers and Quiz for GDS to MTS, Postman & Mail Guard, PA/SA LDCE Departmental Exam. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Test.Useful for Postal Exams/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA (Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant) Exams in postal department.


1. Rule 61 of POLI Rules 2011 has been amended in the year 2021 wherein the restriction for settlement of claim on death due to suicide has been reduced to _________year

A One Year

B Two Years

C Three Years

D Five Years



2. CIS (Core Insurance Solution) has been integrated with the CBS for various pay-in and pay-out methods through POSB Savings account in the year_____

A 2018

B 2019

C 2020

D 2021



3. DOP's Social Media team strength has been strengthened and its working hours extended to _________hours a day to address public grievances, updates of products and services etc

A 08 Hours

B 12 Hours

C 16 Hours

D 24 Hours



4. POCSC (Post Office Common Service Centres) were launched in the year _____

A 2018

B 2019

C 2020

D 2021



5. ______was celebrated as India Post - Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Iconic Week, during which various activities were conducted like SSA Accounts Opening, PLI/RPLI Melas, Aadhar Enrolments etc

A 01st August - 06th August 2021

B 05th September - 11th September 2021

C 11th October - 17th October 2021

D 17th November - 23rd November 2021



6. Which of the following statement is correct with respect to business reply cards?

A The fee for the permit shall be recovered after the service has been rendered

B The business reply card can be folded or cut

C The minimum size of business reply cards shall confirm to the size and quality with the conditions prescribed for postcards of private manufacture

D The business reply card has been withdrawn



7. What is the registration fee of a registered newspaper?

A Rupees 500 per year

B Rupees 50 per year

C Rupees hundred per year

D No registration fee



8. eIPO was launched on?

A 22-01-2013

B 22-03-2013

C 22-04-2013

D 22-06-2013



9. An Official Parcel containing more than one written communication, what action can be taken for inland transmission?

A It will be forwarded to its destination marked “For open delivery”.

B Each such written communication shall be charged on delivery with double the letter postage.

C It is allowed for transmission.

D None of these.



10. Official postal articles, whether the postage is prepaid or not, must bear the superscription ____________ when posted by Government Officials authorized to use service postage stamps.

A On India Government service

B On Service

C On Postal Service

D On Indian Government Services



11. The superscription must be supported by the _______to be entered in the lower left-hand corner of the article.

A Signature and official designation

B Signature and name of the official

C Official Designation and Place of Posting

D Signature and Date



12. The postage stamp embossed on service postcards bear the inscription “________”, the Superscription referred in sub-clause (b) Of Rule 198 of PO Guide Part 1 is not required on such postcards.

A On India Government Service

B On Postal Service

C On Govt Service

D Service



13. What is the postage chargeable on the delivery of official Letter Cards, when the postage is not prepaid ?

A The prepaid rate

B Double the Letter Postage rate

C Treated as letter and chargeable on prepaid rate of letter

D None of these.



14. What is the postage chargeable on the delivery of official Post Cards, when the postage is insufficiently prepaid?

A The deficiency

B The prepaid rate

C Treated as letter Card and chargeable on prepaid rate of letter Card

D None of these



15. While sending Official Articles, The prepayment of postage on ________ is compulsory

A Letters

B Letter Cards

C Parcels

D Post Cards



16. An ordinary postage stamp instead of a service stamp is used on an official postal article, the article will be recognized as an official postal article by the Post Office; but the irregularity will be brought by the Officer- in-charge of the post office at which the article was so posted to the notice of the officer concerned; and, if it is happening frequently, than it should be reported to the ___________

A Head of the Division

B Head of the Region

C Head of the Circle

D Postmaster of HO



17. The amount of postage marked as due on postal articles delivered under the superscriptions of “Service Unpaid” or “On India Government Service” or “On Service” will be initialed by the _______ or other officer authorized in this behalf by the_______.

A Postmaster & Head of the Division

B Delivery PA & Postmaster

C Head of the Division & Head of the Circle

D Postmaster & Head of the Circle



18. The________ Articles which are Addressed to ____________in order to meet their convenience, when on tour or when their headquarters are changed. The post office will do its best to deliver the articles to such place.

A Special & President

B Camp & Member of Legislature

C Camp & President

D Special & Supreme Court Judges



19. Special bags will be delivered on_________.

A Working days of the Post office

B All days including Sundays and Holidays

C All days except holidays

D All Days except Negotiable Instrument Act holidays



20. An article which is addressed neither to a post-town nor “Camp” will be sent to the__________concerned

A Officer who sent the article

B Sub ordinate officer

C Headquarters station of the officer

D Officer, where he resides



21. The Camp bag booked as parcel will be sent by surface route and will be charged with the postage payable on a parcel weighing 10 Kg. Plus _________and incidental charge of Rs. _______irrespective of the weight of the bag, subject to a maximum of 10 Kgs.

A Postage & 19

B Registration fee & 16

C Insurance fee & 19

D Special Bag Fee & 16



22. All charges including incidental charges on camp bags booked as parcel or air parcel should be ________.

A Paid in cash

B Paid through any postage stamps

C Need not be paid

D Prepaid in service stamps



23. Tour programme of Vice President is assigned to ________authority for arranging privilege delivery facility.

A Director General

B Head of the Circle

C Member PSB

D DDG(P) Postal Directorate



24. What is the maximum weight up to which Speed Post Parcels can be booked?

A 4 KG

B 20 KG

C 35 KG

D 2 KG



25. What is the Maximum value of Insurance for Speed Post consignments can be done?

A 100000

B 50000

C 10000

D 20000



26. What is the compensation Amount in case of delay in delivery of speed post articles?

A ₹ 100

B ₹ 500

C Postage charges

D ₹ 1000



27. What is the compensation amount in case of Loss of article, pilferage or damage to the speed post articles?

A Double speed post charges

B ₹ One thousand whichever is less

C Either A or B

D None of these



28. What is the rate of discount for walk in customer who pays 25000 for booking Speed Post articles in a day?

A 2%

B 5%

C 7%

D 10%



29. What is the service standards for delivering Speed Post article within a town?

A 1 to 2 days

B 2 to 3 days

C 3 to 4 days

D A1 to 3 days



30. Which One of the below statement is false in respect of local delivery means?

A Articles booked and to be delivered within identified PIN codes-for Metro Cities.

B Articles booked and to be delivered within Municipality limit-for cities other than Metro cities.

C Articles booked and to be delivered within the same PIN code delivery jurisdiction- for Small Towns (Kasbas) or Mofussil areas having no defined town delivery area

D None of these



31. What is the compensation amount for international speed post service in case of delay in delivery?

A Difference between EMS and registered post charges

B Registered post charges

C Speed post charges

D None of these



32. What is the compensation amount for loss of article loss of content s or damage of international Speed Post articles ?

A 20 SDR

B 25 SDR

C 30 SDR

D 35 SDR



33. Which are the custom forms used to book international Speed Post articles?

A CN 25 & CN 21

B CN 22 & CN 23

C CN 21 & CN 23

D CN 22 & CN 21



34. Bulk customer is defined as anyone who provides ₹ ________worth of speed post business in calendar month at Speed Post booking office

A 10000

B 15000

C 25000

D 50000



35. The Bulk customer shall pay the bill amount in full on or before ____ day of the month in which bill is raised(due date).

A First

B 15th

C 7th

D Last



36. In case the customer fails to make the payment by the due date the penalty at the rate of _______% per annum on the amount of the bill amount shall be imposed from the bill date

A 20%

B 10%

C 5%

D 15%



37. In Suraksha PLI scheme, the assured amount with accrued bonus is payable to the insured on attaining the age of _______ years.

A 60

B 70

C 80

D 90



38. Declared Bonus for PLI Whole Life Assurance for the year 2021-22 is

A ₹ 48 per ₹ 1000 sum assured per year

B ₹ 52 per ₹ 1000 sum assured per year

C ₹ 85 per ₹ 1000 sum assured per year

D ₹ 76 per ₹ 1000 sum assured per year



39. Under PLI EA scheme the proponent is given an assurance to the extent of the sum assured and accrued bonus till he/she attains the pre- determined age of maturity, how many such pre determined age slabs are available?

A 6

B 7

C 8

D 9



40. Loan Facility is available after_______years in PLI(EA) Santosh Scheme.

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4



41. CWLA is a Whole Life Assurance Policy with the added feature of an option to convert to _________ Policy at the end of _____ years of taking policy.

A Anticipated Endowment Assurance & Five

B Endowment Assurance & Five

C Anticipated Endowment Assurance & Four

D Endowment Assurance & Four



42. Survival Benefits to be given in PLI AEA 20 year policy on completion of

A 6,9 & 12 years

B 4, 7 & 10 Years

C 8, 12 & 16 Years

D 4 , 8 & 12 Years



43. Minimum age & Maximum age at entry of spouses in PLI Yugala Suraksha Scheme

A 20 Years & 40 Years

B 21 Years & 40 Years

C 21 Years & 45 Years

D 21 Years & 50 Years



44. Maximum sum assured ______or equal to the sum assured of the parent, whichever is less , in case of Children Policy

A 5 Lakhs

B 3 Lakhs

C 2 Lakhs

D 10 Lakhs



45. No premium to be paid on the Children Policy, on the death of policy holder (parent). Full sum assured and bonus accrued shall be paid on_________.

A On the day of death

B On the Month of Death

C Completion of Term

D None of these



46. If the premia are not paid for ______ months in case policy is in currency for 3 years, then policy becomes Void.

A 9

B 6

C 17

D 20



47. Transit Bags must always be closed and sealed in the presence and under direct supervision of the______


B Record Officer

C Mail Assistant

D HSA/Head MG/Mail Agent



48. The Head Sorting Assistant of each set of the various sections attached to a Record Office will be supplied by the Record Officer with the month's supply of stationery for which he will give a receipt on the stationery register on______-

A The Fifth of Every Month

B The First of Every Month

C The Last Day of Every Month

D The Tenth of Every Month



49. Who is the competent authority to order that a seperate guard file of TB orders should be maintained by each set of Mail Office in case of important and big Mail Offices?

A Postmaster General

B Superintendent of RMS

C Chief Postmaster General

D Record Officer



50. The TB Orders or the Tour Orders received from the Supdt by the Record Officer should be

A Affixed in the Error Book

B Affixed in the Order Book

C Filed Seperately in a Guard File

D Noted in the Guidance Book


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