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    Cadre restructure of Group C employees in DOP (Department of Posts) - Clarification | 22nd July 2022

    No. 25-04/2012-PE-I

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communications

    Department of Posts

    (PE-I Section)

    Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001

    Dated 22-July, 2022

    Subject: Cadre Restructuring of Group ‘C’ employees in Department of Posts — Clarification — reg.

    Kindly refer to this office letter of even number dated 03.02.2022, onthe subject mentioned above, vide which the instructions issued vide this office letter of even number dated 05.12.2018 were reiterated that “LSG, HSG-I, HSG-I and HSG-I (NFG) posts will be deemed to have been upgraded to these grades only w.e.f. the dates they are filled up, i.e. from the date the promoted official assumes the charge. Otherwise, the post will remain in the lower grade”.

    In this regard it is further clarified that the Addisonal(new) posts of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I & HSG-I (NFG) allocated to the circles after the cadre restructuring, which have not been created by the circles due to un avaialability of eligible officials in the feeder grades, shall remain in the lowest grade i.e Postal Assistant, while ensuring that the total sanctioned strength of PA, LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I & HSG-I (NFG), must not exceed the total number of posts in these grades as mentioned in this office letters of even number dated 27.05.2016/10.11.2017.


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