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Philately MCQ | Quiz Questions and Answers on Philately | Post Office MCQ Set [49]

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1. A Domestic Philatelic Deposit Account (PDA) System was introduced on?

A 01st June 1970

B 01st August 1965

C 01st August 1979

D 01st September 1975




2. For the philatelist across the globe, Department of Posts has launched its own e-commerce portal called____ for purchasing the Philatelic Items?

A Philatelic Buereu

B e Post Office

C Post Shoppee

D Dak Mitra




3. Where is India Security Press located and when it was set up?

A Nashik & 1926

B Aligarh & 1934

C Patna & 1935

D Hyderabad & 1941




4. When was India’s First Postage stamp Schinde Dawk Released?

A 1st August 1864

B 1st May 1840

C 1st June 1854

D 1st July 1852




5. Who is called father of stamps?

A Galileo Galilei

B Geoffrey Chaucer

C Rowland Hill

D George Boole and Alan Turing




6. When was First Postage stamp released?

A 6th May 1840

B 8th June 1852

C 10th July 1864

D 12th August 1847



7. Which was the First Postage Stamp and where it was released?

A Inverted Jenny & United States

B Bull's Eye & Brazil

C Treskilling Yellow & Sweden

D Penny Black & Great Britain




8. The Words Philo and Ateleia are belongs to

A Greek

B French

C Persian

D Latin




9. When was the word philately coined?

A 1872

B 1868

C 1864

D 1852



10. Who coined the word philately and where it was drawn from?

A George Nikolus, USA

B Gregor Mendel, Italy

C George Gause, Britten

D Georges Herpin, French



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