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    NIC eMail FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | Download NIC eMail FAQs in PDF

    Download NIC eMail FAQ in PDF

     1. Managing Your Email

    a. View

    i. You can view your email messages as single messages or as conversations and you can view messages with the Reading Pane off, displayed at the bottom, or displayed on the right.

    ii. To change how messages are grouped in your mailbox, on the toolbar click View and select whether to view by conversation or by message and where you want the Reading Pane to display.

    I. View Email Messages by Conversation

    In the Conversation view your messages are grouped to make it easier to follow the thread of an email exchange. A conversation thread begins when you send or receive an email and then send or receive subsequent replies and forwards based on the original email. The subject displays only once in your Inbox and the number of email messages in the conversation is shown. Conversations containing unread messages are shown in bold.

    Conversations can be in your Inbox another in your sent folder, and others in another folder. If you move a conversation from one folder to another, all messages within that conversation are also moved to that folder. Messages in the Sent folder and in the Trash folder are not moved.

    To create a new conversation thread, you must create a new message, not reply to or forward an existing message.

    II. View Email Messages by Message

    Email messages in your mailbox can be organized by selecting the date a message is received and by Conversation.

    i. On the Mail tab toolbar, click the View drop-down menu.

    ii. Select either By Conversation or By Message.

    b. Attachments

    Add Attachments using drag and drop

    You can easily add an attachment to an email message by dragging the file from a folder into your email.

    i. Select one or more files from your desktop and hold down the cursor on the file(s) to be attached.

    ii. Drag the files to the message header area and release the cursor. The file names are displayed in the header.

    a. Removing an Attachment

    i. To remove an attachment, click the x (cross) in the attachment bubble.

    User can download/remove all attachments

    You can download or remove all attachments individually as the per users choice by clicking on the file or you can also download all the attachments as a zip file by clicking on “Download all attachment” and remove all attachment by clicking on “remove all attachments”.

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