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Franking Machine MCQ | Quiz Questions and Answers on Franking Machine | GDS Exam MCQ Set [50]

MCQs On Franking Machine ,Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on FM (Franking Machine). SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers.Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

1. An allowance will be made for any franked impression made in error on surrender of the envelopes or wrappers, provided that the impression is legible and that the entire envelope is wrapper is produced after deducting

A 2% on face value

B 5% on face value

C 3% on face value

D 10 % on face value




2. Who is competent to approve the slogans/advertisements on stamping die of a Franking Machine?

A Head of the Region

B Head of the Division

C Head Postmaster

D Head of the Circle




3. How much money one has to pay to apply for new Franking Machine License?

A ₹ 150

B ₹ 250

C ₹ 375

D ₹ 400




4. The hired franking machine will be set/reset by an officer of the Department not below the rank of

A Head Postmaster

B Divisional Head

C Sub Divisional Head

D Public Relations Inspector




5. (i) Franking Machine Ledger (ii) franking machine record book (iii) Register showing list of licences of FMs authorised to post their articles in the post office. (iv) The register showing payment of advance rentals The main post office shall maintain which of the above-mentioned records with regard to franking machine

A (ii) (iii) (iv) only

B (i) (ii) only

C (i) (iii) (iv) only

D All of these




6. The franked articles shall be posted in not more than specified number of offices out of which the main office shall be post office above the status of

A Lower selection Grade PO

B Head Post office

C A Class office

D B Class office



7. Who is the Licensing Authority, who is authorized to issue/ renew /suspend/ cancel license for the Franking Machine from time to time?

A Circle Head

B Regional Head

C Divisional Head

D Sub Divisional Head




8. In case of defects in the franking machine, the machine should be repaired in the presence of


B Postmaster


D Divisional Head




9. For being recognized valid, the impressions of ‘frank’ should consist of

A Value Die and License Die

B Value Die only

C Debit Die and License Die

D None of these



10. Cost of window delivery ticket is

A ₹ 9

B ₹ 6

C ₹ 3

D Free of cost



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