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    Beat EOD Insert SOP | SOP for Beat EOD Insert Version 1 | CEPT DPMS Team Dated 05.07.2022

    SOP for Beat EOD Insert Version 1.

     Download CSI DPMS Beat EOD SOP in PDF

    CEPT DPMS Team




    1. The beat EOD for each beat has to be given by the offices after postman returns is taken for both Articles & EMO.

    2. For some technical reasons the beat EOD given if not effected the beat EOD shall be inserted from Division office user id using the T-code ZMO_EOD_INSERT.



    1. The role for using T-code ZMO_EOD_INSERT is “DPMS DIV_HEAD” (Already linked to Divisional head).



    1. Check whether the beat EOD is showing NO in EOD and Cash Dashboard screen. Zdop_main>DPMS Transaction & Reports EOD & Cash Dashboard.

    DPMS Transaction and Reports

    Reports & T-Codes


    Postman Performance Report-Articles || ZMOCODUPDATE

    Postman Performance Report-EMO ZADD BULK CUSTOMER



     2. Choose the radio button ‘Delivery’, enter the Delivery office Facility id & date (The date of eod issue show in issue to postman screen). If EOD is not executed the EOD status will be shown as ‘NO’.


    Ensure no article/EMO is pending for processing EOD in EOD SUPERVISOR CONFIRMATION screen.


    Zdop_main>DPMS~ Transaction &  reports>End of Day Supervisor confirmation(new) Provide the details and check for pending articles/EMO


    Division office User has to ensure no articles/EMOs pending in EOD screen for the office. If articles/EMO issued to beat shows in EOD screen then user has to complete the EOD process. Strictly EOD insert should not be given for this case.


    In EOD Cash & Dashboard EOD status is shown as NO and when tried to process EOD if below errors are shown then EOD insert shall be done form Division Office.




    3. T-Code ZMO_EOD_INSERT

    The radio button should be selected as ‘Insert’, provide the necessary details and click of execute (F8).

    The details of execution will be shown (below screenshot). Once done ensure returned to the previous page (above screenshot) or else the T-code will be locked and other users cannot use the T-code.

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