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    PS Group B DPC 2022 | Advance preparation for convening of DPC for promotion to the cadre of Postal Service (PS) Group ‘B’ for the vacancy year 2022

    No. 9-10/2022— SPG-Il

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communications

    Department of Posts

    (Personnel Division)

    Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg

    New Delhi — 110 001

    Dated: 02.06.2022

    Subject: - Advance preparation for convening of DPC for promotion to the cadre of Postal Service Group ‘B’ for the vacancy year 2022 - regarding.

    Download PS Group B DPC 2022 in PDF

    This is regarding conducting of DPC of eligible candidates for promotion to the cadre of Postal Service group ‘B’ for the vacancy year 2022.

    2. The process for convening DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Group ‘B’ through DPC for the vacancy year 2022 is being initiated. It is therefore requested to take immediate action to send the information / APARs etc as mentioned below by 10.06.2022.

    i. Action to complete the ACR/APAR dossiers (duly attested by APMG/AD dealing with the staff matters) in respect of Inspector of Posts line officials (including ASPs) of OC/UR category up to the year 2002 and 2003 (SI. No. 1 to 100 only) and SC/ST category officials up to the year 2006. (Refer _to Gradation/ Seniority list for the year 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. 2005(draft) and 2006 (draft) issued by SPN-II Section of Directorate.

    ii. Following inputs/ documents may be prepared in the prescribed proforma as indicated below:

    (a) Part A of the proforma at Annexure-I & Annexure-II: The Summary of overall grading of all the ACRs/ APARs in respect of all the officials as per proforma enclosed at Annexure-l separately. This may be done in MS-Excel also, as was being done in previous years, in respect of all the officials, according to their seniority as per format Annexure — II.

    (b) Part B of Annexure-l: In respect of SC/ST candidates, an undertaking should be given that the caste to which the candidate belongs still figures in the

    list of SC/ST’s and that the Caste Certificate of the candidate has been checked and got verified from the issuing authority as per Part B of Annexure-l.

    (c) No Report Certificate: If there is no report for any period, ‘No Report Certificate’ with justified and acceptable reasons be prepared and placed in the dossiers appropriately.

    (d) Vigilance Status: Latest vigilance status in respect of the officials along with statement indicating particulars of current punishment and penalties against officials, if any, prepared in consolidated manner (seniority-wise) at Circle level for all the officials.

    (e) Annexure-lll: In compliance to DOP&T’s OM No. 21011/1/2010 dt 13 April, 2010, a certificate (Annexure-lll) to the effect that below benchmark grading has been communicated, with a copy of the relevant ACR, to the official and the concerned official was given 15 days’ time to make representation and on receipt of the representation, if any, the Competent Authority took a decision on it by issuing a speaking order.

    (f) Annexure-lV: Further, in pursuance of DOP&T OM No. 21011/1/2005- Estt (A) Pt-ll dated 14.05.2009 regarding maintenance and preparation of APAR, a certificate may also be prepared in the enclosed proforma at Annexure — IV.

    (g) Annexure-V: A statement of Penalties for the last ten years in the enclosed proforma (Annexure — V) in respect of all the officials along with_a copy of the Penalty Order, if any, may be placed in the ACR/APAR folder of the concerned official.

    (h) Annexure-Vi: A separate list of officials, against whom any disciplinary proceeding is pending (in order of their seniority) as per proforma in Annexure- VI may be sent.

    3. I am further directed to request that all the above information in prescribed formats i.e. Annexures — | to VI may be compiled and sent to Postal Directorate through email on dopspg2@gmail.com for further necessary action in this regard by 10.06.2022. Contact Number of a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) preferably, APMG or AD concerned be also provided so that any discrepancy, if noticed at the time of scrutiny of documents may be rectified.

    2. For any clarification, the undersigned may be contacted on the email address dopspg2@gmail.com.

    4. It is requested to please accord priority to it and ensure completion of aforesaid activities by 10.06.2022.

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