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    NPS MCQ | Quiz Questions and Answers on NPS (National Pension System) 2004 | NPS (All India Citizen Model) | IPO/PS Group B Exam MCQ Set [31]

    MCQs On National Pension System (NPS 2004),Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on National Pension System (NPS 2004) & NPS (All Citizen Model). Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

    Useful Resouces/Circulars/Latest Amendments on NPS (National Pension System 2004)

    1. List of PFRDA Circulars on NPS

    2. Enhancement of Lump sum Withdrawal limit on Exit 

    Dated 21st September 2021

    3. Increase of Entry Age up to 70 Years under NPS 

    Dated 26th August 2021

    4. Partial Withdrawal of NPS Subscribers

    1. Who can open a NPS account under All Citizen Model?

    A Applicant should be between 18 – 50 years of age

    B Applicant should be between 18 – 60 years of age

    C Applicant should be between 18 – 65 years of age

    D Applicant should be between 18 – 70 years of age

    D (The existing age of entry which is 18-65 years has been revised to 18-70 years)



    2. PFRDA is the Nodal agency for NPS and It Comes under the Jurisdiction of which division of Finance Ministry?

    A Department of Revenue

    B Department of Economic Affairs

    C Department of Financial Services

    D Department of Expenditure




    3. NPS (All India Citizen Model) is Subscribed by ?

    A Any Indian Resident citizen

    B Any Indian Non Resident citizen

    C Any Indian Overseas citizen

    D Any Of the Above




    4. Which one of the following is not CRA (Central Record Keeping Agency) recognised by PFRDA?

    A Protean (then NSDL)

    B K Fintech


    D CAMS




    5. How Many Pension Fund Managers have been recognised by PFRDA till September 2021 ?

    A Three

    B Seven

    C Nine

    D None of these

    C ( Existing Seven Only and other three were in pipeline)



    6. Which one of the following is the POP (Point of Presence) for NPS (All India Citizen Model) of India Post?

    A DAP Bengaluru

    B Sansad Marg HO, New Delhi

    C CEPT, Mysuru

    D Dak Bhawan, Delhi



    7. Up to Which amount Lump Sum withdrawal is allowed in Premature exit of NPS 2004 ?

    A 1 Lakh

    B 2 Lakhs

    C 2.5 Lakhs

    D 5 Lakhs

    C (For More Details, Pls refer above mentioned Hyperlinks)



    8. Up to Which amount Lump Sum withdrawal is allowed in Normal exit of NPS 2004 ?

    A 1 Lakh

    B 2 Lakhs

    C 2.5 Lakhs

    D 5 lakhs




    9. What is the annuity Percentage of NPS Premature exit if lump sum withdrawal exceeds prescribed amount ?

    A 40%

    B 60%

    C 80%

    D 20%



    10. All NPS Subscribers who have been under the NPS for_______years or more are permitted to avail non refundable partial withdrawal from their own contribution to the extent of 25% up to _____times for specified reasons?

    A One year and One Time

    B Two years and Two Times

    C Three years and Three Times

    D Four years and Four Times




    1. Important 50 MCQs on NPS

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