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    IPPB MCQ | Quiz Questions and Answers on IPPB (India Post Payments Bank) | IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam Set [37]

    MCQs On IPPB ,Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on IPPB (India Post Payments Bank). SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers.Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.



    1. which one of the following is the initiative taken by IPPB, tie up with _______ for driving financial inclusion for Dairy farmers



    C FSS





    2. When were the charges on Cash Deposit and Cash withdrawal transactions was introduced by IPPB

    A 01.01.2022

    B 01.12.2021

    C 01.10.2020

    D 01.09.2019




    3. IPPB Launched Credit Card services in December 2021 tie up with ______

    A HDFC Bank

    B Axis Bank

    C Punjab National Bank

    D State Bank of India




    4. When was Rupay Virtual Debit Card was Launched by IPPB?

    A January 2021

    B December 2020

    C November 2019

    D October 2018




    5. IPPB reinstated Door step banking charges from __________

    A 01.09.2021

    B 01.04.2020

    C 01.06.2020

    D 01.12.2021




    6. IPPB account maintanence charges are applicable for the accounts opened on or after___________

    A 24.04.2021

    B 23.08.2021

    C 22.04.2021

    D 21.06.2021



    7. IPPB annual accounts maintanence charges is

    A 150+GST

    B 100+GST

    C 50+GST

    D 99+GST




    8. IPPB started AEPS service from

    A September 2019

    B January 2019

    C April 2019

    D June 2019




    9. IPPB tied up with ___________ for providing PMJJBY ?

    A PNB met life

    B LIC

    C NICL

    D Nippon



    10. IPPB's DLC (digital life certificate ) started from

    A Octomber 2019

    B September 2020

    C August 2019

    D November 2020




    1.  55 Important MCQs on IPPB

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