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IPO Exam 2022 Question Paper and Answer Keys | LDCE IP Paper 4 Un Official Answer Keys | Inspector Posts Paper IV Answer Keys

DOP (Depert of Posts) conducted Internal Promotional exams LDCE IPO Exam 2022 ( Limited Departmental Competitive Examination) from Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants (PA SA) on 25th and 26th June 2022. Now every aspirants wants know key answers for knowing their performance in exam. Official key answers will be given by the Department little later. anyhow some active persons/telegram/whats app group have shared the un official key for LDCE IPO Exam 2022 Paper 4. you can cross check with un official which is mentioned below for your information.

Download IPO Exam 2022 all Question Papers, Answer Key & Vacancy Dtd 20/12/2022

Download IPO Exam 2022 Paper IV Question and Answer Keys in PDF

Download LDCE IPO Exam 2022 Paper 4 Question paper in PDF

Paper 1 Answer Key

Paper 2 Answer Key

Paper 3 Answer Key


Trite- Common place

Hyperbole - Exaggeration

Fiasco- Failure

Morose- gloomy

Feign- Pretend

Veracity- Truthfulness

Amerliorate- Improve


Infirmity- Strength

Pernicious- Beneficial

Brutal- Humane

Fortify- Weaken

Debacle- Sucess

Meandering- Straight

Apocryphal- Authentic

The Official Agency Responsible for estimating national income in india 

Central Statistics office

Good governance day celebrated every year on 

25th December

Divij Sharan is associated with which sports ? 

lawn tennis

The famous " Ganga Sagar Mela " , is held  in which state of India ? 

West  bengal

National Science Day is celebrated every year on 

28th february

Who is the ex - officio Chairperson of Monetary Policy Committee ? 

Governor RBI 

Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with the Directive Principles of Policy ?

Part IV of Indian Constitution

Chirag Shetty is associated with which sports ? 


Jallikattu is associated with 


MCF ( Master Control Facility ) of ISRO in India is located at 


DIPAM-Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM)

In Jammu and Kashmir , the elections for 37 which of the following were held in 280 constituencies over eight phases beginning 28th of November 2020 and ending on 19th December 2020 Panchayat

Manu Bhaker is associated with which sports  


Started by renowned Sanskrit scholar K. N. V. Iyengar , this Sanskrit Newspaper 


Kakrapar Atomic energy plant 

Tapti River

Report on Trend and Progress of 41 Banking in India


According to which Article of the Constitution of India is the Council of Ministers collectively responsible to the Lok Sabha ?

Article 75

Bajrang Punia is associated with which sports ?


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