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DOP NPS Online SOP | Post Office NPS Online Services (My NPS) | DOP started Aadhaar based NPS (All Citizen Model) through online mode w.e.f. 26.04.2022

F. No. FS - 10/39/2021/FS-DOP-Part (1)

Government of India

Ministry of Communications

Department of Posts

(FS Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,

New Delhi-110001

Dated: 08 -06-2022.

Subject: NPS Online SOP — reg.

In pursuance to launch of NPS Online service in Department of Posts in collaboration with NSDL (Now Protean), the draft SOP were circulated to all concerned seeking the comments of all stakeholders.

2. After consideration of the comments received from all stakeholders, please find herewith the final SOP for NPS Online service with due approval of DDG(FS).

3. As per the final SOP, PAF Division is accordingly requested to kindly arrange to provide the SAP (Standard Accounting Procedure) for NPS Online at the earliest.

Encl.: As above 

Final Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for NPS Online

Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications (DoP) has been providing the National Pension Scheme (NPS-AIl Citizen Model Scheme), a voluntary Pension Scheme of Government of India managed by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) through its designated Post Offices since 2010 through physical process system.

Department of Posts is now pleased to start Aadhaar based NPS (All Citizen Model) through online mode w.e.f. 26.04.2022

Any Citizen of India in the age group of 18-70 years can avail this online facility by visiting the official website of the Department of Posts (www. under the menu head "National Pension System -Online Services".

The specific link is

Facilities like new registration, initial/ subsequent contribution and SIP options under NPS Online are available to the customers at minimum charges for all services. The applicable DOP NPS Online Charges with contribution amount (initial/ subsequent) would be collected from the customer. The minimum NPS contribution (initial/ subsequent) is Rs. 500. The DOP NPS Online charges structure is as under:

Table :1

Service Charges Method of Deduction

Initial Subscriber Registration | Rs. 200 (flat charges)

Initial Contribution To be collected upfront |  Rs. 30 (flat charges)

All Subsequent Contribution

Note: GST or other Govt. taxes as applicable, to be additional.

In this NPS Online process, there are two Payment Gateway Service Providers (PGSP) viz. SBI ePay & PayTM for collecting the funds from the customers and transferring to DOP (Designated Bank Account of the Mysuru HO). The respective Payment Gateway Service

Provider (PGSP) would deduct the applicable PGSP chares along with applicable GST before transferring the funds to DOP (Designated Bank Account of the Mysuru HO). The Payment Gateway Service Charges would be levied for contribution (Initial/ subsequent) only and are as under:

Table: 2

Lumpsum PGSP Charges

Paytm PGSP Commission for Net\ INR 3.25 exclusive of taxes per transaction (will be Banking debited by the PGSP before remittance of the aggregated amount)

SBI ePay PGSP Commission for Net\INR 2.50 exclusive of taxes per transaction (will be Banking debited by the PGSP before remittance of the aggregated amount)

 The PGSP charges along with applicable GST would be borne by DOP from its commission + GST as mentioned in Table 1.

Apart from it, the SIP facility is available through PayTM only under DOP NPS Online Service. The charges structure is as under:

Table : 3

SIP Processing (Only through Paytm)

Mandate - Processing Fees (Initiation,|INR 3.50 per mandate (to be charged directly from Amendment & Cancellation) subscriber through unit deduction by CRA)

Transaction Charges is 1.90 per transaction (will be debited by the ransaction PGSP before remittance of the aggregated amount)

The SIP Mandate related charges would be deducted directly upfront from the subscriber through unit deduction by CRA, i.e. NSDL (now Protean). However, the debit transaction charges along with applicable GST, in respect of recurring transaction under SIP would also be borne by DOP from its applicable commission as mentioned in Table 1.

The Mysuru HO is the nodal branch for DOP for NPS online and has been provided with URL based nodal office login ID / Password from NSDL for NPS Online related operations.

CEPT Mysuru continues to be the nodal office for NPS (offline/ online) and use the existing POP login ID / password for NPS activities.

10. The process flow under NPS Online is as under:

The amount shall be credited by the customer to the respective PGSP providers, as selected by the customer.

The respective PGSP provider (SBI ePay/PayTM) shall remit the applicable amount (after deduction of PGSP Charges along with GST), to Mysuru HO in the designated account on daily basis.

Mysuru HO will access the NPS online Transaction details in its NPS Online URL based Log-in ID on daily basis.

The Mysuru HO shall tally the amount reflected in the URL based login ID with its designated Bank account on daily basis.

After tallying the amount details, Mysuru HO will do the Fund confirmation in the NSDL URL login daily basis.

Mysuru HO will collect FRN (File Reference No.) and Txn ID through online mode (email) from the CEPT Mysuru on daily basis.

CEPT Mysuru will Check its POP Login and provide the requisite details to Mysuru HO through return email on daily basis.

Mysuru HO will transfer the total subscription against the respective FRN (File Reference No.) and Txn ID to the Trustee Bank from its designated Bank Account through Online Mode on daily basis. Due diligence be made while transferring the funds (Correct Entry of FRN No. Txn ID etc.), failing which the amount shall get returned for which Mysuru HO shall be responsible and will do further rectification with NSDL (Now Protein) in coordination with CEPT Mysuru. Mysuru HO shall confirm from Trustee Bank regarding actual transfer of funds, in order to remove any anomaly.

CEPT Mysuru will check the matched and booked status of NPS Online Txn IDs in its login on daily basis and convey the same to Mysuru HO on daily basis.

The booking, Bank Reconciliation, accounting, auditing procedure and respective filing with concerned authorities of all components including commission and GST under

11. NPS online will be done by Mysuru HO as per the accounting procedure to be provided by the PAF (Wing) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi in due course of time.

12. In case of any discrepancy in amount figures, Mysuru HO shall take up the matter independently with NSDL (now Protean) and resolve the same under intimation to Mysuru Divisional Office, CPMG Karnataka Circle and CEPT Mysuru. Mysuru HO will submit the monthly report for all types of transactions under NPS Online to CEPT Mysuru, CPMG Karnataka Circle and Mysuru Division Office. The monthly report format is annexed.

13. Karnataka Circle and PAO Bangalore will monitor and audit the designated bank account provided by Mysuru HO for NPS Online (SBI Current Account no. 64057480234) and will check the requisite booking of contribution/ commission/ GST etc. under Head of Accounts/ GLs/ E lekha in coordination with CEPT Mysuru for accounting and auditing purposes. Karnataka Circle will submit consolidated report on monthly basis to FS Division and PAF (Wing), Postal Directorate regarding NPS Online.

Karnataka Circle shall monitor the overall activities under NPS Online.

14. CEPT Mysuru/Mysuru HO would continue to maintain all records (in hard copy & soft copy both) regarding NPS Online and submit regular monthly reports to the CPMG Karnataka and specific report as and when required by the Postal Dte. The hard copy may be kept as permanent record for 05 years period.

15. Mysuru DO shall monitor the Mysuru HO and CEPT Mysuru regarding their

performance in NPS Online.

16. The email ID ( has already been mentioned / updated on NPS Online portal to raise grievances (if any) and Mysore HO shall be responsible to dispose of the grievances in coordination CEPT Mysuru. Further, the grievances raised in CPGRAMS/ DPG portal etc. shall be forwarded to Karnataka Postal Circle for disposal under inputs from Mysuru HO and CEPT Mysuru.

*This SOP is a separate SOP for NPS Online only and has no relationship with

existing NPS Offline Mode. This is for information and clarification.

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