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    Dakkarmayogi Portal | Dak Karmayogi User Registration Sign Up, Sign In Guide | Dak Karmayogi Launch in June 2022

    This is regarding necessary preparatory action to be undertaken for launch of "DAK KARMAYOGI", an in-house training web portal developed by the Department.

    Dak Karmayogi Portal Link 

    The "DAK KARMAYOGI" web-portal will facilitate training of GDS and Departmental employees in online as well as Onsite mode (blended learning at PTCs / RTCs /WCTCs/ DCTCs).  The portal is to be launched next week.

    2. ln this regard, all GDS and Departmental employees of the Department are to be registered on this portal. The SignUp in this web portal is based on the CSI lD, date of birth, mobile number and email ID of GDS / Departmental employee. Data related to mobile number and email lD of all GDS / Departmental employees must be updated in this web-portal at the earliest.

    3. I would request you to direct all GDS / Departmental employees of your Circle to update their mobile number and email ID on www.dakkarmayogi.gov.in by 07 June, 2022. A compliance report be sent by your Circle to DDG (Training).

    4. A User Registration Sign UP and Sign ln guide is enclosed for guidance.

    Download Dak Karmayogi User Registration Sign Up Guide in PDF

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