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    LDC IPO Exam MCQ/Quiz | GDS to MTS/Postman/PA/SA Exam MCQ | Postal Exam MCQ Set - 09

    Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department. MCQs On PSD, MCQs on International Tracked Packet Service (ITPS)


    1. Government of india press ( one of the PSD/CSD ) is located at

    A Nashik

    B Aligarh

    C Nagpur

    D Bhopal




    2. India security press ( CSD ) is located at ?

    A Aligarh

    B Nashik

    C Bhopal

    D Nagpur




    3. Supply of stamp and seals for post office by

    A PSD Aligarh

    B CSD Nashik

    C PSD Nagpur

    D PSD Bhuvaneshwar




    4. Two type of savings schemes passbook were introduced the SB orders ?

    A 10/2017

    B 12/2018

    C 15/2019

    D 18/2020




    5. Savings Bank Account (SB-5) Passbook has_____number of pages ?

    A 10

    B 12

    C 16

    D 18




    6. Disposal of obsolete froms were destroyed by fire was modified in to shredding method.which is mentioned in?

    A 307&308 of Volume 2

    B 305&306 Of Volume 5

    C 303&304 of Volume 7

    D 301&302 of volume 6



    7. How many countries are being served with ITPS (International Tracked Packet Service)?

    A 13

    B 14

    C 15

    D 16




    8. Who is competent authority to grant 180 days ML(Maternity Leave) to GDS ABPM ?

    A Sub Divisional Head

    B Postmaster General

    C Circle Head

    D Divisional Head




    9. When ITPS (International Tracked Packet) Service started ?

    A June 2015

    B July 2016

    C October 2017

    D November 2018



    10. Which of the following Bar code series is used for booking ITPS ?

    A EZ

    B AQ

    C LP

    D CP



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