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DOP D Cube SOP | DOP DBT App SOP | DOP D-Cube DBT App Operating Procedure through IPPB & PMA Mobiles by Post Office Delivery Staff


Preamble -  Download DOP D-Cube SOP in PDF

The following SOP has been derived and defined for disbursing Social Security Pensions amount credited into POSB finacle account of the beneficiary on authenticating the beneficiary using his/her bio-metric validation through UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) Server. Here, the bio-metric authentication includes the standard authentications provided by UIDAI like finger print authentication, IRIS and OTP. This App provides facility to withdraw available amount in POSB finacle accounts of the respective beneficiaries. 

The DBT amounts gets credited in to beneficiaries Finacle POSB accounts by CEPT Chennai based on NPCI PFMS platform and credit entries will be processed by CEPT, Chennai. Respective user agency credits consolidated amount to NPCI through ACH/APB files.

2. CEPT, Hyderabad updates the account wise balances as a scheduled service process for updating the credit particulars into each individual accounts.

This balance will be made available to the end user of IPPB & PMA devices or personal devices approved by the Head of the Division and updated in D-Cube server viz; authorised BPM, ABPM, Dak Sevak, Postman & POSB Counter PA through D-Cube App.

3. This app can only be installed by the approved channel of App installation through IPPB Mobi Control/C-DAC Mobile Seva platforms. For this purpose, the Division will share the detailed information of identified Mobiles to CEPT, Hyderabad

4. Option for payment of POSB withdrawal through D-Cube App needs to be exercised by the concerned social security pensioner. Once the pensioner opts for receipt of payment of POSB withdrawal through D-Cube from his account a rubber stamp will be impressed / suitable remark made in writing on the pass book at first page entries as “D-Cube”. The BO / Departmental office concerned will ensure that all the future payment of SB withdrawals are made through DCube app only.

4. Salient features of D-Cube

o Inter-operability - D-Cube permits interoperability within the Circle in respect benefit disbursement i.e., any beneficiary can withdraw the benefit from any post office / D-Cube End User in the Circle.

o Paying official - Authorised M-ATM device End User by clicking the DCube app can disburse the circle identified DBT Schemes disbursements.

o Identified official – BPMs, Dak Sevaks in Branch Post Offices, POSB counter PA, Postmen, Dak Sevaks who have been provided with IPPB or PMA mobile with biometric device are identified and authorised for POSB withdrawal payment through D-Cube App by the Divisional Head. The officials / Dak Sevaks who are willing to provide their own mobile for DCube payment can also be identified and authorised by the Divisional Head.

o Validation of D-Cube End User - D-Cube End user will be validated by way of his/her bio-metric authentication using Aadhaar to function on the Mobile App. D-Cube End User will be provided with 3 such trails for getting himself/herself authenticated. In case of failure, he/she may request for up-dation of his / her Aadhaar number in the system through the identified Divisional Nodal Officer.

o Use of D-Cube App by the substitute when End User proceeds on leave - In case of proceeding on leave by the D-Cube End User, the details of the nominated substitute can also be authorised and updated by the Divisional Office with the approval of divisional head.

o POSB Finacle account of beneficiary - The D-Cube End User needs to enter the Finacle account of the beneficiary. If the details of the entered account number are valid the system shows the Account holder name, Balance and enables bio-metric authentication of the beneficiary before proceeding to the withdrawals.

o Biometric authentication of the beneficiary - The beneficiary needs to authenticate his/her biometric by providing finger print for getting authenticated through Aadhaar. D-Cube validates only the use of RD service enabled / configured Bio-metric device.

o Biometric authentication trails - The beneficiary can also avail 3 successive trails for authentication. The successive trails are required if only when the first trail fails.

o Exceptional cases of bio-metric authentication failure - In case of three consecutive failures, the benefit flags into exceptional payment which can be paid by the authorized exceptional payment officer. All the identified DCube End Users are authorised and nominated as exceptional payment officer. Only for exceptional cases of DCube payment SB-7 to be obtained from the depositor by the paying official.

o Amount payable through D-Cube App - An amount up to the cut off value of balance available in the account less Rs.500 (minimum balance to be retained in POSB Scheme) and not exceeding the maximum of Rs.5000/- whichever is less can be paid to the beneficiary by entering the withdrawal amount.

o Display of the amount paid to the Beneficiary - The amount paid will be displayed as a message for the purpose of beneficiary. The system will also announce the amount of withdrawal in audible format for the purpose of knowledge of beneficiary.

o Confirmation of D-Cube transaction - The D-Cube End User should ensure this and view the details of payments in the LOT report in D-Cube app before disbursing the cash. There is no printing of receipt as was in the case of RICT devices.

o D-Cube End User will make payment to the POSB account holder (social security pension beneficiary).

o D-Cube End user will also make an entry of POSB withdrawal in the pass book duly mentioning date of withdrawal, amount withdrawn, balance after transaction, remark DCW- (D-Cube Withdrawal) and he/she will sign against the entries made.

o Time restrictions for making D-Cube Payment – There is no time restrictions for making DCube payment. However, DCube system will account for all the transactions performed upto 16:30 hours on the same day of transaction. The transactions performed after 16:30 hours will be accounted for in the accounts of the next working day.

o Restricting the D-Cube Identified account transactions - Once the payment is successful in D-Cube all such accounts will be listed out for DCube payments in future. Through CMRC modification, the office will update the debit freeze through electronic mode freeze for these accounts so that the ATM or IPPB Swipe in transactions will be restricted

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