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Vacancy position of MTS/Postman/Mail Guard /PA/SA as on 01.01.2022 | 09th April 2022

Vacancy position of MTS/Postman/Mail Guard /PA/SA as on 01.01.2022. Dated 


In continuation to this office letter of even number dated 04.04.2022 on the above mentioned subject, this is to say that some additional information is required to have a holistic view of  vacancies available in Department of POSTs.

2.    Therefore, it is requested to provide additional information in enclosed Annexure for MTS  / Postman / Mail Guard / Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant separately.

3.   While sending information it may be noted that in case result of LDCE / Open Market examination / Sports quota / Compassionate appointment has been declared, these vacancies should be treated to have been filled up for the purpose of this report. The ‘Open market’ vacancies should include the vacancies which may originally belonging to ‘open market’ and also the Departmental  quota vacancies which got converted  to ‘open market’ vacancies due to non-availability of  departmental   candidates.  These  should  tally  with  vacancies  already communicated to  Postal Directorate in response to information called vide letter no. 03-03/2019-SPN I dated  04.04.2022.

4.  The report will be submitted to D ircctoir.i te by 12 00 hrs on 11  April, 2022. The schedule may please be adhered Strictly.

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