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PO Guide Part 1 Short Notes | Updated Post Office Guide Part 1 Short Notes | for GDS to MTS/Postman/PA/SA Exam

POST OFFICE GUIDE PART - I short notes. It is useful for Postal LDCE Promotional Exams.

Six Members: 1.Personnel 2.Operations 3.Technology 4.Postal Life Insurance 5.Banking & DBT 6.Planning

Tricks: P3BOT

Base circle:

*To cater the postal communication needs of the Armed Forces.

*Value payable articles and money orders can be booked to the address of Army post offices.

*Head of Army postal service-ADG APS New Delhi.


*The working hours of the post offices are generally fixed by the HOC.

*D. G may extend the working hours up to 8.30 pm open on Sunday also.

*Book registered articles, VP articles and sell IPO & Postage stamp.

*Dep to SB a\c opens up to 7pm on week days

*Sunday, national holidays, po holidays work 10 am to 5pm


*In some cities

*Mob post does not book insured and vp article

*Remains closed on Sunday & postal holidays

*Sell stamps & postal stationery, book register articles

*Some mobile post office is permitted to book money orders.

*The mobile post offices at Madras and Nagpur are also permitted to book money orders.


*For booking of registered and insured articles including v.p. articles, parcel for six hours (on Saturday for 5 hours stopping at 3pm)

*Money order & ipo sale and payment, sb and p.o certificate payment & transactions, telephone bill for about five hours (on Saturday 3 hours stopping at 1pm)


* Stamping machine

*1.value die & license die

* Copy of license will be sent by DO

* The licensee is also entitled to a commission of 3% on the value of franks used.

*2% for presorting

*Franked articles can be posted at not more than two offices.

*Frank should be in bright red colour

* Franked articles should not be posted in letter boxes, if done they will be treated as unpaid

* Unregistered articles bearing impression of the previous date should also not be accepted

*The license is granted by DO

* F. machine must be obtained by authorized firm by DG.

*The holder must pay advance money for the amount of postage required. The holder has to pay license fee of Rs. 375/- for a period of five years.

*License fee 75/- per year.

*Renewal fee for the expired license is Rs.475/-

*Renew any time before 11 months from the date of expiry.

*Unregistered articles bearing impressions of previous days shall also not be accepted.

*Franked article is posted on the same day or otherwise taxed.

*Frank impressions on right top corner of address side.

*Frank impression made in error the postage amount will be refunded after deduction of 5% on face value on surrending envelopes or wrappers within 1 month.

*Franking machine record book in Duplicate

*Daily Docket: Ascending meter & Descending meter, opening balance & closing balance.

*Dispatch slip: Number of denominations of frank details of article.

*Currently only RMFS is available

* Digi frank plus franking machine

* e-payment transaction against biller name DOP DIGIFRANK

* Customer reference number is a unique number and shall be issued by the Licensing authority to the licensee of franking machine

*SOM - Statement of mail.

Remotely Managed Franking machine

*Electronic FM is replaced with RMFM w.e.f. 16.08.2010 each machine will have a separate number in the format X123456X stands for initials of the original equipment manufacturer i.e. F for Francoty, P-Positalia , P denotes for pitney bowes.

*Frank impression shall be in Blue colour

*Franked articles can be posted at not more than one office.

*First recharge –Rs.2000/- and subsequent recharge-Rs.1000/-

*” Digi frank plus” is the name given by India post to the new facility of franking based on RMFS.

*CRN –Customer reference number.

*The franking machine user may download the funds in multiple of 100/-

*Funds are secured through a special device known as postal security Device (PSD) which is not open to repair.

*Each manufacturer will have its own centrally located RMF server in India

*All RMFS will dial DOP server three times every day.

*Each machine has to necessary dial its RMFS server at least once in 30 days.

*Frank impression should be in blue colour.

*No EFM of old model shall be allowed to operate after 30.06.2013

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